Cost of a Divorce in Las Vegas

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally draining experience that causes you significant amounts of stress.  Unfortunately, divorce can also be a financially devastating experience. Not only do you face the division of your shared marital property and the transition to a one-income household, but you also must pay the actual costs of dissolving your union.

The cost of a divorce in Las Vegas is going to vary depending upon the specifics of your circumstances. There is a filing fee to actually submit the paperwork to the court, but this may only be the beginning when it comes to the expenses you need to pay to end your marriage. At Pintar Albiston LLP, our experienced Las Vegas divorce lawyers know that many people are concerned about the cost of divorce. We will work hard to assist with finding affordable solutions and keeping expenses down as we fight to help you secure a favorable division of custody and assets. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help with custody issues.

Cost of a Divorce in Las Vegas

The cost of a divorce in Las Vegas starts with paying filing fees. According to the Clark County Court,  filing fees are $289 for a divorce as of October 1, 2013.  These fees must be paid at the time when the spouse who initiates the divorce submits the paperwork to the court to get the process started.  The fees are adjusted upward periodically so you should check to ensure that the specific amount you need to pay to file for divorce has not increased. An attorney can help with obtaining and completing the paperwork and filing out the forms.

In addition to paying for the costs of filing, there may be many other things that drive up the cost of a divorce in Las Vegas. For example, you and your spouse may decide you want to go to mediation on the issues of property division or custody division. Unless you are undergoing a court-ordered mediation, you will typically have to pay for the mediator yourself.  A mediator may charge an hourly rate for services, so the longer it takes you to negotiate a settlement agreement, the higher the expenses.

If you proceed to litigation and ask a judge to decide on your case, then the cost of a divorce in Las Vegas may become much more expensive. You may need to pay expert witnesses, such as child psychologists or forensic accountants, to come to court to testify about what is right for your child or about what your spouse has done to hide money to avoid a fair division of assets. Your legal fees and court costs may also be higher if you undergo a litigated divorce as compared to a simpler divorce where you just negotiate an out-of-court settlement to present to the judge.

At Pintar Albiston LLP, we know the stress that divorce can place on your finances and we will work hard to get your case decided as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while still securing a favorable outcome in the divorce proceedings. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you to manage the cost of a divorce in Las Vegas.

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