Landlord and Tenant Law

Las Vegas Landlord and Tenant Law Attorneys

It is important for both landlords and tenants in the Las Vegas, Summerlin and Green Valley area to understand that they are governed by a very specific set of rights and responsibilities. This is true in residential as well as commercial contexts. At Pintar Albiston, we are committed to offering effective legal counsel at affordable rates. By securing representation at an early stage, a landlord will stand a much better chance of promptly and properly evicting a delinquent tenant. Similarly, a tenant who is being treated unfairly will be able to more forcefully assert their rights and avail themselves of the protections afforded by the law.

Tenant and Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

While landlords are certainly obligated to fulfill their obligations pursuant to the terms of their lease agreement with a tenant, they are also bound by Nevada law to maintain their rental properties to a certain standard. Failing to do so can subject a landlord to costly damage claims made by tenants. Conversely, tenants are held to specific requirements that must be met at the risk of being evicted if they are not. We provide knowledgeable counsel on all aspects of landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, helping clients steer clear of pitfalls and costly litigation.

The Law of Security Deposits

The topic of security deposits is extremely relevant to both tenants and landlords and is also one that is the subject of very specific legislation. Strict provisions regarding the return of security deposits at the end of a lease apply, and failure to comply with them can result in landlord liability for double damages. Tenants who damage a rental property, however, may forfeit some or all of the deposit. When security deposit disputes arise, it pays to enlist the aid of a seasoned real estate attorney who can help find mutually agreeable solutions.

Damage and Repair Responsibilities

Nevada law as well as individual leases determine who is responsible for repairs to leased properties. If a responsible party fails to perform their duty to repair, damages may be available to the other party, and our attorneys can help obtain them.

Partial Rent Payments

A common question is whether a partial rent payment entitles a tenant to remain on the leased premises. In some instances, the answer is yes, but it is vital to seek the advice of a skilled Nevada real estate attorney who can address your specific situation.

Eviction Attorney

When tenants refuse to leave a rental property, eviction can become a lengthy process, fraught with difficulty. Landlords must carefully follow proper notice requirements and possibly initiate litigation in order to force the tenant to vacate the premises. Our Las Vegas eviction lawyer can help landlords ensure that all legal technicalities have been met and that undesirable or delinquent tenants can be evicted in a timely fashion. Our eviction attorneys assist clients throughout Las Vegas, including Green Valley & Summerlin Nevada.