Las Vegas Contracts Attorneys

Anyone in business, or wanting to start a business, should know how truly vital it is to ensure that the contracts into which they enter are legally sound, fully binding and truly enforceable. Regardless of whether you need to have a new contract created from scratch, require assistance with settling a contract dispute or simply need to have existing agreements reviewed, our experienced attorneys have what it takes to provide quality service at a reasonable rate to clients across Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson.

In essence, a contract is an agreement between parties to perform a set of defined obligations. Contracts are intended to avoid disputes by having the agreement between parties reduced to written terms that are enforceable. Contracts are necessary in a wide variety of contexts, including agreements between person starting a new business, real property purchases, sales, employment relationships and in resolution of disputes. Contracts can be oral or written, but a written contract is much easier to be enforced. and if one party fails to fulfill the terms of an agreement, they are said to be in breach. At that point, the party that has not breached its duties may be able to recover damages in the form of financial compensation or possibly even a court order requiring the breaching party to live up to its end of the bargain.

Validity and Enforceability of Contracts

For a contract to be legally enforceable, a series of necessary elements must be present. The involved parties must have a legally recognized capacity to enter into such agreements, the contract’s purpose must be a lawful one, the contract must be legal in form and the parties must have knowingly consented to make the agreement.

There are sometimes circumstances under which a contract can be voided or terminated, and they include a party’s mental incompetence, youth (minority), undue influence, duress, impossibility of the contractual aims, misrepresentation, unconscionably and frustration of purpose.

If your contractual agreement has not functioned the way you envisioned, and you need help asserting your rights, the attorneys of Pintar Albiston stand ready to facilitate a mutual resolution of the dispute or aggressively litigate the matter in court, should that become necessary. We possess a wealth of experience when it comes to handling all manner of contractual disputes. Our team believes in establishing a collaborative relationship with business clients in order to identify the most beneficial solution for breach of contract issues including failure to pay for goods, violation of a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement or any other type of dispute that may arise. We are prepared to assist clients with:

  • operating agreements
  • non-compete agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • sales contracts
  • lease agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • settlement agreements
  • employment contracts