Finding a Balance: Nevada’s Landlord Tenant Laws

Tenancy agreement landlord tenant

Whether you are contemplating getting into the real estate market in order to make money from renting property or simply looking for a decent place to rent, it pays to learn more about Nevada’s landlord tenant laws. They are meant to find a balance between protecting the landlord and protecting the tenant, which is not necessarily always straightforward or easy. If you are a landlord already or … [Read more...]

Applying for Copyright for Your Business in Nevada

Copyright Infringement

Theoretically, you should not need to register an original item your business has created for copyright as the very act of creating something novel should be automatically protected by federal law. However, applying for copyright does provide you with greater protection as it means that there will be fewer attempts at infringement. Copyright protection may be useful if your business website or … [Read more...]

Why You Should Take Out Commercial Title Insurance in Nevada

commercial real estate attorney las vegas

Title insurance is insurance against the chance that recognition of the title of property being bought is challenged by another party at some later stage. Title insurance can be obtained when acquiring either commercial or residential property. Generally, because of the much higher financial transactions involved in acquiring commercial property, title insurance is always recommended when … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy

credit repair after bankruptcy

The process of getting out of debt is never simple yet for some individuals, filing personal bankruptcy is the only light at the end of the tunnel. Almost 1.1 million Americans filed bankruptcy in 2013, with the majority of cases entailing individuals seeking Chapter 7 relief. If you're being harassed by debt collectors or you merely can not pay, this can be the only way to get some relief. The … [Read more...]

Are E-signatures Valid and Legally Binding for Business Communication?

Are E-Signatures legally binding?

Most people remember the time when business documents had to be printed off then manually signed in order to be considered legal. This took quite a lot of time as the signed document then either had to be sent by ordinary mail or courier or scanned and sent by email. Even the latter was questionable as a scanned signature was somehow regarded as less “official” than “real” signatures. That has now … [Read more...]

The Role of a Registered Agent in Nevada

registered business agent in Nevada

If you own a business in Las Vegas or any other location in Nevada, but do not live within the state yourself, you are required to have a registered agent for your business. Even if you live in Nevada yourself it may be an advantage to you to appoint a registered agent. If this is something you have not considered, then read on below about the role of a registered agent in Nevada. The Role of a … [Read more...]

Most Common Business Legal Issues For Las Vegas Entrepreneurs

Lawyers Helping An Entrepreneur In Las Vegas Nevada

A recent report released by the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund revealed that it is the small entrepreneurs and businesses that shoulder the cost of offshore tax havens used by large corporations like General Electric and Pfizer. This is just one of the difficult challenges faced by entrepreneurs because this cost amounts to an average of $5,128 a year in additional taxes that are … [Read more...]

Tips For Business Owners Contemplating Divorce

divorce sign

If you are a business owner that had the foresight to visit an attorney prior to getting married or starting your business, you were likely able to take precautionary measures that would protect your business interests in the event of a divorce.   Some of these measures include: a prenuptial agreement, which determines what part of the business, if any, will become marital … [Read more...]

The Difference Between A Coop And A Condo

Las Vegas Condo

There are distinct differences between condominiums, also known as condos and cooperatives, known as coops. These differences manifest themselves in 4 main areas: The way they are owned The way they are purchased The fees associated with an apartment or unit Limitations on their ownership What follows is an explanation of how coops and condos differ in each of the areas listed … [Read more...]

Free Report: Why Should I Consult a Nevada Real Estate Lawyer?

Why should I consult a nevada real estate lawyer

As a buyer, a seller, a leasor or a leasee, entering into a real estate transaction is going to impose responsibilities and vest certain rights. Real estate transactions are some of the largest financial transactions that businesses and individual enter into. It is imperative that all parties understand their rights and obligations and ensure that the transaction is one that it is in their … [Read more...]