Las Vegas Divorce Attorneys

Divorce and Legal Separation

Every divorce case is different. Some cases involve a great deal of acrimony, whereas others are resolved with relative ease and cooperation. Regardless of whether your divorce is likely to be settled by mutual consent or will require a trial, it is vital that you secure the most effective and experienced Las Vegas divorce attorneys available to ensure that your interests are protected.

Handling Complex Divorces in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Green Valley

At Pintar Albiston, our experienced Las Vegas divorce attorneys have a genuine appreciation for the complex nature of divorces and other domestic legal matters and understand the toll such proceedings can take on the parties involved as well as their entire families. The dissolution of a marriage and the ensuing familial disruptions are inevitably emotional, stressful and difficult experiences, and we place great emphasis on providing compassionate service to each of our clients.

When it comes to handling domestic legal issues of all varieties, our divorce attorneys proudly assume the role of counselors and advocates, taking the time necessary to give clients the information and guidance essential to sound decision making. We help individuals understand the legal issues applicable to their situations, establish viable objectives and formulate negotiation strategies.

While it is certainly true that some matters lend themselves to collaborative resolution processes including mediation, others take an adversarial tone very early on in the process. When that happens, the best divorce attorneys stand prepared to do what is necessary to make certain that our clients’ interests are not compromised, and their rights are fully asserted at every stage.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

The seasoned divorce lawyers at Pintar Albiston have assisted many people with their divorce needs, and are fully capable of handling a range of divorce matters, whether amicable or contested, straightforward or complex.

There are oftentimes particular circumstances in divorce cases that give rise to other laws that can have a critical effect on a divorce’s outcome. Such laws include those related to taxes, real estate, retirement benefits of military personnel, wills and trusts, intellectual property rights, domestic violence, and many more.

We have the expertise and knowledge to handle all types of unique divorce cases, including:

  • Issues pertaining to complex property and debt distribution

This comes into play in divorces where assets include privately held companies, partnerships, family businesses, executive compensation (such as stock options), collectibles, spousal support, and debt division.

  • Gray divorce

There are very particular issues that must be considered in divorces where either one or both parties are over the age of 50.

  • Military divorce

When a divorce involves active military personnel, you may need assistance with how to process service. Military retirement benefits also needs attention.

  • International divorce

This may require the identification, valuation, and distribution of property outside the United States. If children are involved, there may be international treaties governing child custody or support, or the enforcement of judgments.

  • Resolution by way of alternative dispute resolution

Pintar Albiston has represented many clients outside of the courtroom through mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution routes. We have been praised for our strategy and skilled negotiation tactics.

  • High conflict divorce litigation

While most divorce cases are resolved outside of court, some, including high conflict divorces, end up going to trial. This is why it’s essential that you select a firm to represent you that has the expertise to take you through litigation. Pintar Albiston are trusted and proven divorce litigators in the Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Green Valley communities.

Issues Concerning Children and Marital Property in Divorce Cases

Divorces frequently become quite difficult when they involve minor children, and when marital property is also in dispute, it becomes more important than ever to take steps to safeguard your personal interests and goals. Aligning yourself with experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorneys can make all the difference in the ultimate outcome achieved.

Skilled handling of a divorce case can produce an amicable, equitable division of property that is satisfactory to both parties. However, ineffective legal representation in a divorce matter can exacerbate emotional harm and result in lasting financial damage. Unfair or burdensome child and spousal support obligations incurred due to poor legal advice can have a crippling effect well into the future.

Methods of Negotiating Child Custody During Divorce

Parents going through divorce have the added responsibility of determining custody of their children. While child custody determinations are always made with the best interests of children in mind first and foremost, it does not necessarily mean both parents will agree with the ultimate decision that is reached.

Before a court steps in to make a final determination of custody, parents have the option of creating a parenting plan that they find mutually agreeable. Our attorneys can help parents negotiate legal custody and physical custody arrangements in an attempt to reach a final plan that falls in line with both parents’ wishes while also maintaining the best interests of the children.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce and Child Custody Cases

When divorcing parents are unable to discuss child custody arrangements informally, other options can be explored to help them in their negotiations. If parents cannot reach an agreement, but are open to discussion, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like arbitration or mediation are often successful in reaching a final custody arrangement.

Although ADR takes place outside of the courtroom, our experienced child custody attorneys can facilitate the process and make sure negotiations result in a positive outcome for all parties involved.