Family Law

Can You Keep Your Children During the Holidays If You’re Behind on Paying Child Support?

In parenting arrangements where child support is involved, tension between the parents can be high. If the non-custodial parent is behind on paying child support, this can create great frustration for the custodial parent, making them want to take drastic measures. Though this can be a point of disagreement, the non-custodial parent is still allowed to spend time with the children. There are a number of reasons why a parent may be behind on child support, but it does not dictate if they will be able.. [Read More…]

Planning to File Divorce in the New Year? Why You Need a Lawyer

Many marriages come to an end in the New Year. If you are planning on filing come the New Year, you aren’t alone. It gives you a chance to make a fresh start after the holiday season. It’s important to know what to expect and why you need a lawyer. You should always be aware of what you owe within the marriage. Make a note of any and all debts you and your spouse owe whether they’re separate or joint. Look through your credit report to.. [Read More…]

Child Custody Laws in NV: How They Could Affect Your Christmas Schedule

Are you planning on having your children spend Christmas with you? If you are divorced and have a child custody order in place, you should consider the legal situation to determine if that’s possible. A child custody order will state when and where the children of a divorced couple should be at a given time. There is typically an arrangement specific to holidays that is outlined in the order. If it is your plan to spend Christmas with your children, consider how the law impacts this.. [Read More…]

How to Create a Fair Custody Agreement

Ending a relationship can be difficult, especially if you have a child. If you are concerned about the well-being of your child and want the other parent to be an active part of your child’s life, it may be in your best interest to start thinking about how to create a fair custody agreement. According to the Las Vegas NV Custody attorneys at Pintar Albiston, there are a few steps you can take to make things a bit easier. The first thing you’ll want to do.. [Read More…]

Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Nevada?

Divorce is a difficult process to get through. However, you should not allow its emotional toll to deprive you of what is rightfully yours. If you know that your marriage is at an end and that divorce is imminent, you should speak to a divorce lawyer. Las Vegas family law attorneys specialize in these kinds of cases and will help you protect your interests. If you are on the cusp of divorce, your first instinct will be to preserve your material security and that of your.. [Read More…]