Family Law

How Can Child Custody Agreements Be Modified If You Get a New Job?

Child custody orders are seldom final. This is because courts know that circumstances in life change. However, not all changes warrant modifying a current custody order. The standard that a judge will use to decide is what is in the best interest of the child’s wellbeing. A new job could be one circumstance when modifying your child custody agreement is warranted. It depends on what effect your new job will have on your child and what changes you would like to make. At the office of.. [Read More…]

Guardianship Laws in NV: Can They Affect My Case?

If it is likely that you could become or have recently been named guardian of a person, being familiar with the law related to guardianship is important. A general description of a guardian is a person who is given the authority to make decisions for a person if they are unable to do so, including a child or an adult. This can be due to being being physically or mentally ill. Commonly, guardianship is granted to a person close to the family – typically a relative.. [Read More…]

When is the Best Time to File Divorce?

Determining when to file for divorce can be a difficult decision. Waiting too long could have significant consequences and you may be reluctant to file if you are uncertain if divorce is the route you intend to go. For legal advice about when to file for divorce, contact the divorce law firm in Las Vegas, Pintar Albiston. What should you consider when deciding the best time to file divorce? If you are contemplating filing for divorce, there are several factors you should consider. These may include:.. [Read More…]

Why A Lawyer Can Help If I Haven’t Received Child Support Payments from My Ex

When you and your spouse have divorced and there are children involved, the issue of child support payments is always at the forefront. While many people make their child support payments faithfully each month, many others fail to do so. When this happens, it creates an unnecessary hardship on both their ex-spouse and their children. In many situations, all the pleading in the world will not get the other spouse to make their child support payments. When it reaches this point, it is time to work.. [Read More…]

Can You Keep Your Children During the Holidays If You’re Behind on Paying Child Support?

In parenting arrangements where child support is involved, tension between the parents can be high. If the non-custodial parent is behind on paying child support, this can create great frustration for the custodial parent, making them want to take drastic measures. Though this can be a point of disagreement, the non-custodial parent is still allowed to spend time with the children. There are a number of reasons why a parent may be behind on child support, but it does not dictate if they will be able.. [Read More…]