What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Contract?

When an owner or a developer decides to begin a construction project, a contract must be created to outline the terms and scope of the project. There are different types of construction contracts that establish the parameters of the job and that assign risk in various ways. Some contracts put more risk on the owner, while others involve the builder assuming the potential for losses caused by cost overruns. Both owners and builders/contractors need to understand the terms of any agreement that they enter into and need.. [Read More…]

Paying for Extracurricular Activities After Divorce

When parents are separated or divorced and raising a child, the child is entitled to receive financial support from both mom and dad.  The parents should create a parenting time or custody arrangement that explains how visitation and custody will be shared. Based on the family income and the amount of time that the child spends with each parent, one parent may be required to pay child support to the other. A standard formula taking into account the number of children, each parent’s share of income.. [Read More…]

How Do I Change a Custody and Support Order?

If you have children and are divorced or separated from the other parent, you likely have a parenting time arrangement or a custody order in place dictating how you will share responsibility for your children. There may also be a child support order in effect requiring the non-custodial parent to pay support to the other parent who has primary responsibility for the children. If you have custody and support orders in place, you must abide by them or you face consequences including contempt of court, the.. [Read More…]

Can My Spouse Take the Children Out-of-State?

When a couple is raising children together, either or both parents may take the children wherever they want. This means you could take your kids out of state, or your spouse could travel to a different location with the children.  However, when you have separated or are divorced, the issue of when you can leave with the kids becomes a more complicated matter to deal with. If your spouse is trying to take the children out-of-state, you need to understand your legal rights and your options… [Read More…]

Who Decides Where the Kids Go to School: A Guide for Divorced and Separated Parents

Who Decides Where the Kids Go to School: A Guide for Divorced and Separated Parents from Becky Pintar A parent who is given physical custody takes care of the children and has the children living in his or her home. Learn more about Guide for Divorced and Separated Parents in this presentation.