Types of Guardianship in Nevada

Protecting minors is one of the most important obligations of the state. In Nevada, a person can be given guardianship over a child if the latter’s parents have deceased, have abdicated, or have been deemed unfit for parenting. There are also instances in which parents have agreed to have a close friend or family member assume guardianship over their children. No matter the circumstances that leads one to it, guardianship comes with serious responsibilities. Your first obligation is to ensure that your guardianship is legal. Vegas.. [Read More…]

Guardianship Laws in NV: How Does a Case Work?

The unexpected happens often in life. If you are the close friend or relative of someone who is going through a tough time, you may need to help them with the raising of their children. If a person close to you can no longer care for their children, or need other assistance, then you may need to assume the parental role temporarily or permanently. These roles are best fulfilled through guardianship. Las Vegas family law attorneys specialize in helping people get through the guardianship process.  .. [Read More…]

Divorce Hearing Do’s and Don’ts

If you find yourself involved in a divorce, your emotions will run the gamut. Because of this, you may say or do things during the hearing that could be detrimental to your case in terms of custody arrangements, visitation, support payments, or other matters. Rather than make costly mistakes, it is better to know what you should or should not do during your divorce hearing. To get expert advice in this matter, turn to Las Vegas divorce lawyers at Pintar Albiston.   Fully Disclose Assets and.. [Read More…]

Why to Contact a Lawyer If Disputing About Guardianship

If you are considering filing for guardianship of the individual or if you are considering disputing guardianship, contact Pintar Albiston, one of the finest Las Vegas NV Guardianship lawyers in practice today. Guardianship is a formal legal proceeding that is decided by a Judge based upon the facts and circumstances of the case. Written submissions are provided to the Court along with expert medical and forensic evidence. Testimony is also required at the time of the hearing. The proceedings themselves contain complicated legal terminology and procedures… [Read More…]

How to Modify Child Support If It Isn’t Enough

A child support Order identifies the party that is obligated to make the payments and the party to whom the payments are due to be paid. Naturally, the amount of the child support is also set forth within the ambit of that Order. Pintar Albiston is one of the finest Las Vegas child support attorneys in practice today and should be consulted if you believe your child support order should be modified. Often, financial circumstances change over time, requiring a modification of the child support Order.. [Read More…]