4 Tips for a Successful Real Estate Closing in Quarantine

Buying a home is one of the biggest moments of your life. While it can be a very exciting time, it can also be stressful going through the closing process. This has been made even more challenging during the recent pandemic as quarantines have prevented the use of live closings. Fortunately, there are tips that can be followed to help you successfully close on your purchase or sale during the quarantine. Have Life Calls During a closing, it is important that you have active communication with.. [Read More…]

Why It’s Important to Have In-House Counsel

As a business owner, you must prepare for any circumstance that could negatively impact your finances or legal status. You have no way of knowing what those circumstances are entirely. You also have no way of knowing if or when they will occur. Rather than catch yourself off-guard, you can protect yourself now by hiring a lawyer to represent you and your business. By hiring an experienced Las Vegas business attorney from Pintar Albiston, you can meet any challenging circumstances with ease. Heading Off Employee Disputes.. [Read More…]

Are My Visitation Rights Suspended If I Don’t Pay Child Support?

Even if you and your children’s other parent separate or divorce, you both still have a legal obligation to support them. You both must contribute equal shares of the children’s financial support every month. When you have been given visitation rights rather than custody, you must pay child support every month. You can find out for sure if your visitation rights could be suspended if you do not pay child support by hiring one of the Las Vegas family law attorneys from Pintar Albiston today. Showing.. [Read More…]

When to Discuss Guardianship With Your Loved Ones

It can be difficult as a parent to think of someone else raising your children. However, you also need to prepare for any circumstance that might take you away from your family and leave your children vulnerable. When you wonder when to discuss guardianship with your loved ones, you may need some guidance on how and when to approach the subject. You can retain one of the Las Vegas divorce attorneys from Pintar Albiston to advise you today. Protecting Your Children Depending on the circumstances of.. [Read More…]

Stimulus Checks When You Owe Back Child Support

The stimulus check program passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump has specific provisions in it that have the money go to catching up backed child support payments in the event that the recipient owes them. This means that there are millions of people who would otherwise be eligible for stimulus money who instead will not receive it.   There are some arguments that child support lawyers in Las Vegas NV can make for clients in this position. The child support lawyers in.. [Read More…]