Why to Contact a Lawyer If Disputing About Guardianship

If you are considering filing for guardianship of the individual or if you are considering disputing guardianship, contact Pintar Albiston, one of the finest Las Vegas NV Guardianship lawyers in practice today. Guardianship is a formal legal proceeding that is decided by a Judge based upon the facts and circumstances of the case. Written submissions are provided to the Court along with expert medical and forensic evidence. Testimony is also required at the time of the hearing. The proceedings themselves contain complicated legal terminology and procedures… [Read More…]

How to Modify Child Support If It Isn’t Enough

A child support Order identifies the party that is obligated to make the payments and the party to whom the payments are due to be paid. Naturally, the amount of the child support is also set forth within the ambit of that Order. Pintar Albiston is one of the finest Las Vegas child support attorneys in practice today and should be consulted if you believe your child support order should be modified. Often, financial circumstances change over time, requiring a modification of the child support Order.. [Read More…]

Can We Create Our Child Custody Agreement? How A Lawyer Can Help

When a couple divorces and has children, one of the most important things decided is child custody. Since this can impact a child’s life for many years, it is a decision not to be taken lightly. For many couples, creating their own custody agreement is proving to be a popular option. Since this allows them to come to terms on key areas without being ordered to do so by the court, they have greater flexibility in the decision-making process. However, to be sure your legal rights.. [Read More…]

How Can Child Custody Agreements Be Modified If You Get a New Job?

Child custody orders are seldom final. This is because courts know that circumstances in life change. However, not all changes warrant modifying a current custody order. The standard that a judge will use to decide is what is in the best interest of the child’s wellbeing. A new job could be one circumstance when modifying your child custody agreement is warranted. It depends on what effect your new job will have on your child and what changes you would like to make. At the office of.. [Read More…]

Guardianship Laws in NV: Can They Affect My Case?

If it is likely that you could become or have recently been named guardian of a person, being familiar with the law related to guardianship is important. A general description of a guardian is a person who is given the authority to make decisions for a person if they are unable to do so, including a child or an adult. This can be due to being being physically or mentally ill. Commonly, guardianship is granted to a person close to the family – typically a relative.. [Read More…]