Your Guide to Student Loan Debt and Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a very challenging and stressful time. One part of the divorce process that can be quite complicated is figuring out how to manage and split shared assets and debts. One type of debt that will be considered during a divorce proceeding is student loan debt. For those that are in the area, a Las Vegas or Henderson divorce attorney can help you determine who is responsible for student loan debt after a divorce.

Student Debt Take Out Before Marriage

In the state of Nevada, student loan that is taken out before the marriage will be the responsibility of the person that took out the loan. However, if the borrower’s spouse has co-signed either the original loan or when the loan was refinanced, it will be their obligation as well. 

Student Loan Take During After Marriage

It is common for one or both spouses to further their education during marriage. If one party of the marriage has taken out a loan while they married, it will end up being a debt assumed by both people, even if the other spouse did not co-sign the loan. 


While the responsibility of student loan debt will be based on when the debt was acquired, the payment of the debt could still be factored into any form of alimony settlement. Las Vegas family law attorneys will help their clients receive a fair settlement of monthly alimony payments. Total alimony paid is often based on costs of living, income and other factors of both parties and student loan payments could be included in this assessment. 

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