Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Nevada?

Divorce is a difficult process to get through. However, you should not allow its emotional toll to deprive you of what is rightfully yours. If you know that your marriage is at an end and that divorce is imminent, you should speak to a divorce lawyer. Las Vegas family law attorneys specialize in these kinds of cases and will help you protect your interests.

If you are on the cusp of divorce, your first instinct will be to preserve your material security and that of your children. You may be especially concerned about the family home and who will get it in the settlement.

Nevada is a community property state, which means that all property acquired during the marriage will be divided equally between the two spouses. This includes the family home. Your spouse cannot eject you from it, nor can they sell it without your consent. You get to live in the house for as long as you want to, and you will own at least half of it as part of the settlement.

If you are given primary custody of your children, then you may want to remain in the family home to provide your them with a measure of stability. Depending on the other assets you are awarded in the settlement, it may be possible for you to buy out your spouse’s half of the house so that you will have it outright for the raising of your children.

Take Legal Advice

Before you do anything, you should take legal advice. The Las Vegas divorce attorneys at the law firm of Pintar Albiston can provide you with the kind of guidance and representation you need during the divorce. To make a final decision, the judge will need to know all the assets that are to be divided. The Las Vegas divorce attorneys at the law firm of Pintar Albiston can ensure that all such information is turned over to the court.

You need not go through your divorce alone. Las Vegas family law attorneys can help you through it. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.