When Should I Consult a Real Estate Lawyer if I am Not Buying or Selling Property?

Real estate attorneys in Las Vegas provide invaluable assistance to clients during the process of buying and selling properties. Because there is so much money at stake and real estate transactions can be very complicated, most buyers and sellers benefit from having an experienced legal advocate help with the negotiation of the real estate contract and the closing of the deal.

While buyers and sellers should definitely consider getting legal help, the purchase or sale of a property is not the only time when it makes sense to call a real estate lawyer if you are not buying or selling a property. There are a variety of other situations in which it makes sense to get legal help from a Las Vegas attorney with experience handling real estate transactions. Pintar Albiston, LLP has helped many clients with a wide variety of real estate matters and we can provide you with invaluable assistance protecting your legal interests in any transaction. Give us a call to schedule a consultation and learn more.

When to Consult a Real Estate Lawyer

Some of the many types it makes sense to consult a real estate lawyer when not buying or selling a property include:

  • When you are entering into a contract to construct or remodel a property. Construction contracts can be even more complex than real estate contracts and there are many potential pitfalls that can have an adverse impact on your finances or put you at risk of suffering losses. You should have a lawyer negotiate and review your contract for remodeling or new construction.
  • When you are considering leasing your property out to tenants. You will want to understand the laws associated with property leasing and ensure that you know the landlord/tenant rules that apply in the Los Vegas area. Whether you own a residential or a commercial property, you should not consider entering into an agreement to lease it without having an attorney provide you with advice or without a lawyer looking over your contract.
  • When you are entering into a lease agreement. It is especially important for people who will be leasing a commercial property to have the lease reviewed by a lawyer. However, even tenants who are signing a residential lease need to understand the rights and the obligations that the lease confers.
  • When you are involved in a real estate dispute. You may be having issues with a neighbor claiming an easement or problems with liens on your property. Whenever there is a disagreement about how your property is being used or what your rights are, you need to get advice from an experienced attorney who can help to resolve your issues.
  • When financing a real estate project. Understanding loan terms is essential to protecting your finances.


These are just a few of many situations when consulting a real estate lawyer makes a lot of sense. Pintar Albiston, LLP helps clients throughout the Los Vegas area with a variety of legal matters related to residential and commercial real estate. If you need help with your transaction, give us a call today.