When is the Best Time to File Divorce?

Determining when to file for divorce can be a difficult decision. Waiting too long could have significant consequences and you may be reluctant to file if you are uncertain if divorce is the route you intend to go. For legal advice about when to file for divorce, contact the divorce law firm in Las Vegas, Pintar Albiston.

What should you consider when deciding the best time to file divorce?
If you are contemplating filing for divorce, there are several factors you should consider. These may include:

  • Whether children are involved
  • The amount of property and debts involved
  • If the other spouse is engaged in unlawful behavior
  • Financial risks involved in keeping the marriage intact
  • If you intend to attempt reconciliation or counseling
  • Whether you are separated

What happens if you wait too long to file for divorce?
Waiting too long to file for divorce could have significant consequences. For example, if your spouse has incurred significant debt while you are separated, it could create financial issues for you. Also, there could be issues with obtaining child support if there is no court order in effect. Waiting too long could make one spouse’s case on certain issues stronger than the others.

How can an attorney help?
Vegas NV family attorneys can discuss the circumstances of your case with you to identify your options. We can provide legal advice about whether you should file for divorce now, or if waiting makes sense. As you go through your divorce, Vegas NV family attorneys can provide legal representation to protect your interests.

Our divorce law firm in Las Vegas has experienced attorneys who strive to advocate for our clients and achieve a favorable outcome. If you are considering divorce, contact Pintar Albiston to schedule a consultation.