What are the Different Types of Child Custody?

If you are considering a divorce in Las Vegas, you should contact the law firm of Pintar Albiston. It’s important to meet with Las Vegas family law attorneys early in the process to make sure you understand the different types of child custody in Nevada.

Nevada law recognizes two types of custody in divorce cases including physical and legal custody. A Las Vegas child custody lawyer can help you understand the specifics of each custody type and how it applies to your situation. In the meantime, you can learn more about each custody type below.

Physical Custody Defined

Physical custody is defined by living arrangements. When parents separate, a judge will decide who the couple’s children will live with after the divorce is final. If a child lives with one parent rather than the other most of the time, it is defined as physical custody. In Nevada, physical custody can be awarded to one parent or both. Joint physical custody is awarded to both parents if the child spends less than 40% of their time with either parent.

Legal Custody Defined

Legal custody is separate from physical custody. While physical custody determines who the child resides with regularly. Legal custody grants a parent the right to make important decisions in their child’s life. Legal custody can be granted solely to the parent who has physical custody or awarded to both parents with equal decision-making rights. If legal custody is given to both parents, it is known as joint legal custody.

If you are considering divorce with children in the Las Vegas area, you need to consult with Las Vegas family law attorneys to learn your rights and those of your child or children. The law firm of Pintar Albiston will pair you with a Las Vegas child custody lawyer that can evaluate your situation and represent you in court during divorce and custody proceedings.