Types of Guardianship in Nevada

Protecting minors is one of the most important obligations of the state. In Nevada, a person can be given guardianship over a child if the latter’s parents have deceased, have abdicated, or have been deemed unfit for parenting. There are also instances in which parents have agreed to have a close friend or family member assume guardianship over their children. No matter the circumstances that leads one to it, guardianship comes with serious responsibilities. Your first obligation is to ensure that your guardianship is legal. Vegas NV family attorneys specialize in helping people establish guardianship over a child.


Types of Guardianships in Nevada


The state of Nevada recognizes 3 types of guardianship. They are:


  1. Guardians over the person


Under this type of guardianship, you are responsible for decisions involving the material comfort, welfare, education, and healthcare of your protected person. You must ensure that they are properly clothed, fed, and sheltered; and that they receive appropriate medical and dental treatment.


  1. Guardians over the estate


In this case, you are responsible for financial decisions related to your protected person’s assets. You make important decisions about their money, income, personal property, stocks and bonds, and other financial interests. However, you will not have absolute control over their assets, and you must get the court’s approval before spending any your protected person’s money or selling any of their property.


  1. Guardians over the person and estate


If you are granted this form of guardianship, you must watch over both your protected person and their financial interests.


If you are seeking guardianship over a child or have been asked to assume this responsibility, you should speak to a family law attorney. It is especially important to understand your responsibilities before assuming guardianship over a child who has considerable wealth.


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