Stimulus Checks When You Owe Back Child Support

The stimulus check program passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump has specific provisions in it that have the money go to catching up backed child support payments in the event that the recipient owes them. This means that there are millions of people who would otherwise be eligible for stimulus money who instead will not receive it.


There are some arguments that child support lawyers in Las Vegas NV can make for clients in this position. The child support lawyers in Las Vegas NV that work for Pintar Albiston already have heard a number of objections to the way that this program is set up.


It is easy to applaud an action like this until you consider the ramifications that it could have when the person who owes child support now has another family to support. They may now have a new family to care for and yet they don’t have the ability to get that extra money because of child support payments. It is like taking from one family to give to another.


There are bound to be a lot of cases before a lot of courts as a result of this stimulus check program, and a good amount of them will be over this very issue. Can the government really designate where money has to go like that? It seems a bit arbitrary and cruel.


Anyone who finds themselves in this situation needs to know that lawyers are standing by ready and willing to help. They understand that the issues being raised here and numerous and complicated, and they are fully prepared to dive right into them as your top advocate. You deserve to have your day in court, and that is what these lawyers are there to help you with.