Should Las Vegas Couples File for Divorce Together?

The decision to file for divorce is difficult in itself for many spouses. Going through the actual process of dissolving a marriage is enough to take an emotional toll on even the most resolute among us.

For couples in Nevada, the process will likely involve touchy subjects like property division and alimony. If the couple has children, child support and custody will also be determined as part of the divorce decree.

These sensitive subjects can quickly lead to disputes in even the most seemingly amicable divorce scenarios. In an attempt to avoid the headaches often associated with divorce and keep costs down in what can be an often expensive process, Las Vegas couples often wonder what, if any, options are available to divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Fortunately, Nevada allows for a Joint Petition for Divorce for those couples who agree that ending their marriage is best for everyone involved.

Joint Petition for Divorce

Although a Joint Petition for Divorce is regarded as the quickest and easiest way to end a marriage in Nevada, it may not be the best option for everyone. While getting through your divorce with as little effort and in the least amount of time sounds ideal, it comes with some important considerations that just may not be for every couple.

What You Need to Know First

First and foremost, a joint petition for divorce only works if both spouses can actually work together. If there is any contention or disagreement whatsoever, negotiations will quickly fall apart and so too will the idea of jointly dissolving your marriage.

The emotionally-charged discussions that take place during divorce are often why couples individually seek a divorce attorney to represent their best interests. It can be difficult to make concessions or compromises on your own. Divorce attorneys can help maintain an open dialogue between both sides and make sure discussions remain productive with an ultimate goal of reaching a divorce settlement that is fair and equitable.

Moving Forward with a Joint Divorce

If you and your spouse are confident you can work together to end your marriage, you’ll need to agree on a number of important matters before your divorce is finalized.

Typically, these matters you will have to sort out prior to your divorce include:

  • Property division
  • Debt division
  • What, if any, alimony payments will be paid to which spouse, how much, and for how long
  • Amount of child support to be paid monthly
  • Legal and physical custody determinations
  • Visitation schedules for the children and noncustodial parent

When you and your spouse have carefully considered each of these matters and reached a mutual agreement, you can then proceed with a two-signature joint divorce.

Pros and Cons of Two-Signature Divorces

Remember, these issues are not always easy to agree on, even for the friendliest of soon-to-be exes. However, if you both are confident you’ve come to an arrangement that benefits each of you and, if applicable, keeps the best interests of your children in mind, you will be able to quickly end your marriage and begin the process of moving forward in your lives.

The obvious advantage of a two-signature divorce, as it is commonly called, is the ability to easily navigate the divorce process. The time and money saved when both spouses work together to end their marriage is often more desirable than a long drawn out divorce. Another appealing aspect of a joint divorce for many couples is not having to appear in court. Usually, when a couple agrees on the terms of their divorce, a judge will sign the decree without a hearing.

But keep in mind, there can be some potential cons to joint divorces too. Once a divorce decree is finalized, ex-spouses would have to go to court in order to modify anything that was agreed upon. Often, this is a difficult to do and doesn’t lead to a modification anyway.

If a joint divorce was entered into too quickly without much thought put into future consequences, there may not be much either person can do to amend it. Unfortunately, when a couple goes into the divorce process with an aim at ending things as soon as possible, it can lead to an unbalanced decree that doesn’t always reflect the true wants and desires of both parties.

When in doubt, always consult with a Las Vegas divorce attorney at Pintar Albiston who has experience. The expertise of a divorce attorney can go a long way in reaching an agreement that both sides can happily live with without any regret.