Renter Rights in Nevada

Before signing a lease agreement, every renter should know their rights under the State of Nevada laws. It is clearly stated that there are several legal codes that protect them. It does not matter whether you’re renting an apartment, home or condominium, a renter has rights.

The laws govern how to live on the property and specifically state the responsibilities of the landlord or owner in maintaining the residence. Speaking with a top Nevada real estate lawyer like Pintar Albiston will help to alleviate all potential disagreements and assist in answering any legal questions on the lease agreement. 

Living in a Habitable Residence

Every person has the right to live in a habitable residence. That phrase is legally defined as being safe without any threat of living in dangerous conditions. To put it in simpler terms, a landlord or property owner is required to make all necessary repairs to keep the residence sustainable. A top Las Vegas real estate lawyer understands a habitable residence needs heat, air conditioning, running water and electricity fully functioning before anyone can move into the space.

Understanding Security Deposit and Eviction Notice 

Under Nevada law, a landlord or property owner must disclose the terms of the security deposit in the lease agreement as it protects them against damage that may occur during your stay at the residence. An attorney with knowledge of real estate law Las Vegas will advise that a landlord or owner has to return the remaining amount of your security deposit within 30 days following your departure from the property. 

An eviction notice can occur if you breach your lease agreement such as failure to pay rent on time. You must receive a notice of your pending eviction and be offered a chance to explain your situation in a court of law. Usually, a renter has five days to resolve rent-related issues before heading to court. Normally, both of these matters are a part of the lease agreement, but real estate lawyers Las Vegas should look over the paperwork before signing. 

A dispute between a landlord or rental property owner and their tenant can escalate quickly into a legal matter. As a renter, you have rights that need protection and Pintar Albiston can defend your actions in court. As a leading Las Vegas real estate attorney, he can educate you on being prepared for any potential rental issues that may occur.