Planning to File Divorce in the New Year? Why You Need a Lawyer

Many marriages come to an end in the New Year. If you are planning on filing come the New Year, you aren’t alone. It gives you a chance to make a fresh start after the holiday season. It’s important to know what to expect and why you need a lawyer.

You should always be aware of what you owe within the marriage. Make a note of any and all debts you and your spouse owe whether they’re separate or joint. Look through your credit report to ensure that everything looks legitimate and report any mistakes to the credit bureau. You can obtain a free copy of your credit report once per year from either Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Make a note of who should be responsible for each debt.

In addition, it’s important to know what assets and property you and your spouse own and whether they are joint or separate. You should break down these assets into a variety of categories, including vehicles, business interests, life insurance, jewelry, art and other collectible items, furniture, appliances and electronics, financial assets, real estate, safe deposit boxes, stocks, securities and mutual funds and pensions and retirement accounts.

List the value of each of those assets and how much is owed on them if there is a debt. Also, consider whether these items are going to be used as marital or separate property. Generally, anything that was owned by you or your spouse prior to the marriage is considered separate property. Community property is that which was acquired during the course of the marriage. You might want to make note of who should own what.

Of course, you should also gather all important documents relevant to your personal and financial life. Keep them in a safe place. Be realistic about what you can afford during the divorce as well. You may be responsible for spousal support or child support payments.

The best thing you can do at this point is to consult with an experienced divorce attorney who can give you vital advice and assistance. If you live in Las Vegas, you need Pintar Albiston on your side. The Vegas divorce lawyers will help you every step of the way. Contact Pintar Albiston at your earliest convenience to discuss your situation with skilled Vegas divorce lawyers.