Most Common Family Law Practice Areas

As Las Vegas family law attorneys we work with people who are at important crossroads in their lives. Three of the most emotionally charged areas of service are:

Ø  Divorce – When two people who once made vows to stay together become opponents in the legal system, “no fault” does not mean “simple” or “easy.” Your family law attorney will help you maneuver a system that can be complicated and confusing.

Ø  Child Custody – Who decides what is in a child’s “best interests”? The idea of giving someone who is essentially a stranger the authority to choose where your child will live and when your child can spend time with you strikes at the very heart of being a parent. Your family law attorney will help you consider the options available to ensure your child or children are not pawns in an intensely painful situation. In the majority of cases, the best interests include access to both parents.

Ø  Allocation of assets and debts – Nevada is a community property state. However, there are still many details to address when it comes to the distribution of assets during a divorce. The division of property and allocation of debts will have an undeniable impact on your life for years to come. Your family law attorney will represent your financial interests with knowledge gained from experience.

When faced with the reality of divorce, child custody, visitation, and the division of property, it can be very difficult for the parties involved to separate feelings from facts. An experienced, skilled, knowledgeable family law attorney from will help with decisions today that will impact lives tomorrow and the days that follow.

Some typical concerns expressed by clients are:

Ø  What if my spouse does not want the divorce?

Ø  What if I want to move with my child to another state? Can my ex prevent me from that?

Ø  I owned the home we lived in prior to our marriage. Is that considered community property?

Ø  If Nevada is a no-fault state, do I really need an attorney?

Ø  Will I be able to receive alimony?

Our family law attorneys will answer your questions to help you understand the intricacies of the legal system. We will ask you questions to learn the details of your individual situation. With this shared knowledge, we will move forward as a team to seek the best possible outcome for your particular situation. Consult with our attorneys today at Pintar Albiston to get started.