Legal Requirements for Divorce in Nevada

You might be wondering what the divorce requirements are in Nevada if your marriage isn’t going too well. The following is some information on Nevada divorces and why you should hire a divorce attorneys Las Vegas office if you’re thinking about dissolving the marriage that you have with your spouse.

Residency Requirements

Nevada’s residency requirements are not as strict as some of the requirements that other states have. To obtain a divorce in Nevada, only one of the parties must reside in Nevada. That person must have been a resident of the state for only six weeks. Some other states have much longer residency requirements than the state of Nevada has. Las Vegas divorce attorneys can explain the specifics of the residency requirements and what it means to be a resident of the state.

Grounds for Divorce

Any person who wishes to file for divorce must have grounds by which he or she would like to file. Nevada is a state that offers the “no-fault” divorce. Neither party has to establish fault with the other party to receive an approval for a dissolution. The state also has other grounds for divorce that a person can use. One of them is insanity. One spouse may be entitled to a divorce if the other spouse spent time in a mental facility for two years or more. Las Vegas family attorneys can explain that aspect of divorce to a person who wishes to go that route.

It would be wise for you to hire Las Vegas family attorneys, such as the ones at Pintar Albiston, even if you think that your divorce process will be easy for you to get through. An experienced attorney can ensure that all paperwork is correct and complete, and a judge sees to it that you receive everything to which you are entitled. Schedule a consultation with a compassionate attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and learn how the attorney can help you.