Keeping Child Custody Agreements While in Quarantine

Custody agreements are always challenging. They’re even more challenging when there are quarantine and stay-at-home orders in place. What happens to a child custody agreement while in quarantine? The Las Vegas child custody attorneys at Pintar Albiston explain.


Child Custody Agreements During Quarantine

The general rule is that you should continue to follow your custody order during the quarantine. If the order calls for child exchange every other week, you need to keep following the order. Despite public health dangers, while there is a valid court order in place, parties must follow it. Even when public health orders instruct people to drive as little as possible, both parents need to continue to follow the court order.


Can You Amend a Child Custody Order Because of Quarantine?

It may be possible to amend a child custody order because of quarantine. One way is that the parents can agree to modify the order. For example, parents who are used to doing child exchanges every day might minimize child exchanges in favor of longer periods of parenting time for each parent. If someone in one household has an illness, parents can agree to make up time later in order to help the child avoid the risks. However, any changes need to be agreed to by both parties. Unless both parties agree in writing, you must continue to follow the order exactly as it is written.


How Las Vegas child custody attorneys can help

Of course, there may be situations where it’s unclear how to follow the court order. The Pintar Albiston Las Vegas child custody attorneys can help you interpret the order based on their knowing how the courts are likely to handle your situation. In addition, they can help you petition the court to modify your court order if you have an emergency. With the help of the Pintar Albiston legal team, you can avoid conflict and contempt proceedings as you navigate your custody order while in quarantine.