A Job Loss Can Affect Child Support Payments

Every parent is responsible for providing financial support to their children, regardless of who is raising the child. If parents divorce, separate or were never married, the non-custodial parent will be responsible for paying support to the other parent who is taking care of the child or children. Even a non-custodial parent who does not see his or her kids will still need to pay support unless or until parental rights are terminated.  Because it is a fundamental right of each child to receive financial support from both mother and father, it is unusual for the court to absolve any parent of support obligations.

Once a child support order is in place, you must abide by the terms of that order. A standard formula is used to determine how much must be paid. If you fail to pay as required, you could face serious legal consequences.  In some situations, however, you may lose your job and no longer be able to afford to make the required payments that are due. A job loss can affect child support payments, but you need to actually petition to have the support order changed. An experienced Las Vegas, NV divorce lawyer at Pintar Albiston LLP can provide you with assistance in having your support order modified based on the loss of your job. Call today to learn more.

How a Job Loss Can Affect Child Support Payments

A job loss can affect child support payments since you may no longer have enough income to pay the amount that was ordered. The standard child support formula in Nevada that is used to determine payments takes many factors into account. The number of children is a big consideration, as is the amount of time spent with each child. The income of each parent is a determinative factor as well, since the amount of support paid is based on the individual parent’s income relative to the total amount made by both parents.

If your income goes down or you are not earning any income because of a job loss, then the job loss can affect child support payments because the income calculations are naturally changed. However, you need to actually take action, provide notification of your change in circumstances and ask for a modification of support payments. If a change is appropriate based on your individual case, then a modification will be made. Do not just stop paying child support, as a failure to comply with court ordered support could lead to the loss of professional licenses, the seizure of a tax return and other consequences.

Your child support will be modified in most cases where a loss of income has made it impossible for you to continue paying as ordered. However, while a job loss can affect child support payments, you cannot reduce your obligation to your kids by willfully refusing to work. If you have intentionally stopped working because you do not want to pay support, a court is not going to absolve you of your responsibilities.

An experienced Las Vegas family law attorney at Pintar Albiston LLP can help you if you need to modify your child support order. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.