How Will 50/50 Custody Work?

Life does not always offer success and happiness, especially in marriages.  The divorce rate is at an astronomical high, and the Las Vegas family attorneys at Pintar Albiston represent clients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas efficiently and effectively.  They are Las Vegas divorce attorneys, Las Vegas family law attorneys, and a Las Vegas child custody lawyer. At Pintar and Albiston, they specialize in protecting the rights of children, and parents, who go through the upheaval of divorce.  The team of professionals provides custody resolutions that work for both parents, and offer stability for the minor children who are the main priority.

Many parents today seek amicable solutions for co-parenting.  The child custody lawyer Las Vegas offers a parenting plan where joint custody, or 50/50 custody, is the most common solution.  This arrangement means that each parent will have equal custody of the minor children. The team at Pintar Albiston Las Vegas family law attorneys helps parents understand the importance of having an attorney to help ease the conflicts that are sure to arise during the dissolving of a marriage.  Both the physical and the legal custody of minor children is worked out to a comparable agreement between the two parents with no misunderstanding of any portion of the custody decree.  The new living arrangement may be a struggle in the beginning, but the child custody lawyer Las Vegas is always available to answer questions that will help guide clients through the process.

The services provided in Las Vegas by Pintar Albiston Attorneys At Law are also provided in Summerlin, and Henderson child custody cases.  Having an attorney to assist in this common phase of life makes the transition much easier for the two people and minor children involved.  The lawyers maintain a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the non- custodial parent who is responsible for paying child support can rest assured that this will be a fair distribution even with joint custody.