How to Modify Child Support If It Isn’t Enough

A child support Order identifies the party that is obligated to make the payments and the party to whom the payments are due to be paid. Naturally, the amount of the child support is also set forth within the ambit of that Order. Pintar Albiston is one of the finest Las Vegas child support attorneys in practice today and should be consulted if you believe your child support order should be modified.

Often, financial circumstances change over time, requiring a modification of the child support Order that was signed by the presiding Family Court attorney. If this is a situation that you are facing, your first order of business should be to contact us and schedule an immediate consultation.

Navigating the Family Court system without the steady hand of an experienced attorney is a mistake. Filing documents, dealing with Court personnel and arguing your case before the Court are things laypeople are not accustomed to handling. Only Las Vegas child support attorneys are equipped to handle such matters, and that is why contacting Pintar Albiston Attorneys at Law is recommended.

In order to have your child support order successfully modified, you will need to prove that your financial circumstances have changed since the original Order was signed. You may also set forth the fact that the financial circumstances of the other party have changed in that they received a promotion or switched jobs and are now earning a higher income.

The aforementioned are only the basic reasons why having an attorney represent you in child support modification proceedings are highly recommended. If you are seeking an upward modification of a previously-executed child support Order, contact Pintar Albiston today at 702-685-5255 and schedule your free initial consultation. With such an experienced advocate at your side, you can rest assured your matter will be handled with the care and professionalism it deserves.