Divorce Hearing Do’s and Don’ts

If you find yourself involved in a divorce, your emotions will run the gamut. Because of this, you may say or do things during the hearing that could be detrimental to your case in terms of custody arrangements, visitation, support payments, or other matters. Rather than make costly mistakes, it is better to know what you should or should not do during your divorce hearing. To get expert advice in this matter, turn to Las Vegas divorce lawyers at Pintar Albiston.


Fully Disclose Assets and Property

When discussing the details of your divorce in a hearing, always make sure you have fully disclosed your assets and property to your attorney as well as your ex-spouse’s legal team. Should you try to hide anything, this can not only make a divorce decree invalid, but also put in jeopardy such things as your custody and visitation.


Be Reasonable and Cooperative

If you go into a divorce hearing letting anger guide your thinking, the results will be disastrous. Instead, listen to your Las Vegas divorce lawyers at Pintar Albiston and attempt to cooperate as much as possible. By doing so, you are far more likely to gain whatever deal you may be seeking.


Don’t Hire an Inexperienced Attorney

Since a divorce hearing will decide such important things as how much money you will be paying in child and spousal support, what property you will be allowed to keep, and how often you will get to be with your children, never rely on an attorney who is inexperienced in handling divorce cases. If you do, chances are you will come out on the losing end of any deal that is negotiated with your ex-spouse.


To make sure you know all options available to you prior to your divorce hearing, schedule a consultation today with Las Vegas divorce lawyers at Pintar Albiston.