Being Separated During Quarantine: How to Navigate

From a legal viewpoint, separation is often a grey area. Currently, there is a nation-wide stay-at-home recommendation, lasting through the end of the month, at least. Given these quarantine orders, the President of the United States has approved a stimulus relief bill, in which qualifying Americans will receive an individual check of $1200, and couples will receive a check for $2400.

Separation, therefore, is a new legal grey area, and navigating it may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Pintar Albiston offers specialized separation services and will be able to provide you legal counsel in regards to your stimulus checks, as well as in mediating any other agreements or arrangements of your separation that may be impacted by quarantine orders.

While it is possible to navigate the restrictions of quarantine and the impact it has on your separation alone, it is best to solicit the assistance of Las Vegas divorce lawyers, who are knowledgeable in divorce and separation. As professionals in the field, they will be able to provide you with insight that you can trust, while guaranteeing that your legal rights are being upheld. The offices of Pintar Albiston specialize in divorce and separation law and will provide you with real-time guidance as you attempt to navigate the murky waters of separation during these times of quarantine.

Contacting local Las Vegas divorce lawyers will be beneficial for you during this time. Whether you have concerns over your stimulus check or any other aspect of your legal separation decree, seeking help from a certified professional will be vital to ensuring you get what you deserve. Make sure you have a lawyer you can trust, who is ready and willing to fight for you, as well as put in the time, effort, and research necessary to provide you with a positive outcome – a promise that Pintar Albiston can guarantee.