Are My Visitation Rights Suspended If I Don’t Pay Child Support?

Even if you and your children’s other parent separate or divorce, you both still have a legal obligation to support them. You both must contribute equal shares of the children’s financial support every month.

When you have been given visitation rights rather than custody, you must pay child support every month. You can find out for sure if your visitation rights could be suspended if you do not pay child support by hiring one of the Las Vegas family law attorneys from Pintar Albiston today.

Showing Evidence of Financial Hardship

There may be a good reason for why you cannot pay child support. You might have lost your job, for example. You also could be sick or injured and not able to work and earn an income right now.

Even so, you still want to see your children. Your lawyer could show the court the reasons for why you cannot pay child support. Based on this evidence, you could maintain your visitation rights even though you cannot satisfy the child support order against you.

Petitioning for Lower Payments

If may be that you cannot afford the child support payments that the court ordered you to pay. You might need lower payments to accommodate your level of income.

Your attorney can petition the court to lower your payments and make it more reasonable for you to afford them. Once you begin making payments again, your visitation rights can be reinstated, and you can once again see your children on a regular basis.

Child visitation is a complex issue for which there is no one single right answer. You need a professional attorney to advise you about your particular situation.

When you cannot or have not paid child support, you need to speak to one of the skilled Las Vegas family law attorneys. Set up a consultation today to speak to Pintar Albiston.