Adjusting Child Support in Nevada

During separation and divorce proceedings involving children in Nevada, a financial support order will be issued. While both parents are obligated to financially support their children no matter who has physical custody, one parent will be designated the person who pays the child support and the other will be designated the person who receives the support.

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Who Pays and Receives Child Support in Nevada

Usually the person who has physical custody of minor children will be the parent who receives child support from the other parent. Child support amounts are determined during initial divorce proceedings and are based on a variety of financial factors. In addition to child support, other financial support such as medical insurance co-pays and school tuition will also be decided. A child custody lawyer Las Vegas can help you determine how much you should expect to pay in child support, or how much you may receive.

How to Adjust Child Support in Nevada

Child support amounts can’t be changed without cause. If you have just cause to request a child support adjustment, a Las Vegas child custody lawyer can help you navigate the paperwork and court proceedings. According to Nevada family law, a child support amount adjustment can only be requested once every three years; however, there is one exception to the rule. The only exception to waiting three years to adjust child support amounts is when there is a huge monthly income adjustment on the part of one parent. The increase or decrease in income must be at least 20% of previous ordered amounts.

If you need a child custody lawyer Las Vegas to evaluate your situation, you should contact the law firm of Pintar Albiston for an evaluation.