5 of the Best Ways to Prepare for a Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is difficult for anyone to get through. If your marriage is at an end, your primary aim should be to get through the process with the least amount of heartache and strain. The journey begins by hiring a lawyer. Divorce attorneys Las Vegas deal with people in your situation all the time. They will understand the emotional roller coaster you are on and will make it their business to look after your material interests. For them to do so, they need you to be mentally available to them and they must have all the relevant information. That is why you should prepare for your first meeting with a divorce lawyer. 

Tips to Prepare for the First Meeting 

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the first meeting with Las Vegas divorce attorneys: 

1. Be ready to share your personal life with a stranger 

For some people, this is the hardest thing to do. If you are an extremely private person, the thought of telling a lawyer about what has occurred in your marriage may fill you with dread. However, it is important that the lawyer has a full understanding of the issues in the marriage in order to provide you the best legal representation. 

Try to find some comfort in the fact that the lawyer you are speaking to will have heard the same kinds of things from other clients, or much worse. The bottom line is that the more your lawyer knows about the conditions and circumstances that have driven you to divorce the more they will be able to help you get a favorable settlement. 

2. Come to the meeting with a wish list 

You may not have all the details of the marital estate. You may not even know exactly what you want from it. But you should have some idea of what you think you deserve. You should draw up a wish list based on these desires. It need not be exhaustive. But having something down on paper will help give your lawyer some direction. It will help them develop their approach to negotiating a settlement. 

3. Have personal and financial information at the ready 

You should bring the following documents and information to the first meeting: 

  • Your social security number and current contact information 
  • Your spouse’s name, birthday, SSN, and contact info 
  • Your child’s personal info 
  • Proof of residency in Nevada 
  • Current employment of you and your spouse, including salary 
  • Information on all joint and separate bank accounts 
  • Loan, mortgage, and credit card info 
  • Retirement account info 
  • Insurance policy info 
  • Property and real estate info 

3. Bring a list of questions 

You will probably walk into the meeting with a great many questions. That is okay. Your attorney is there to answer them. You should begin to write down questions the moment they occur to you. Asking questions and getting answers to them will give you peace of mind. It will help you understand what is and what is not possible as you go through the divorce. 

4. Prepare to discuss domestic violence 

Divorce can be a frightening and perplexing thing, especially if you have children. The first time you meet your attorney you will know more about what goes on in your family than they do. If you are dealing with domestic violence, then you should tell your lawyer. The latter can take steps to protect you and your children. 

5. Prepare to discuss fears about parental rights 

If you are afraid that your children will be taken away from you because of something that has happened in the past, you should also discuss this with divorce attorneys Las Vegas. They can either give you reassurance or explore the matter further and tell you what you can do to protect your parental rights. 

Las Vegas family attorneys will help you protect your interests and secure your future. If your marriage has come to an end, you should speak to Las Vegas family law attorneys at Pintar Albiston.