Why It’s Important to Have In-House Counsel

As a business owner, you must prepare for any circumstance that could negatively impact your finances or legal status. You have no way of knowing what those circumstances are entirely. You also have no way of knowing if or when they will occur.

Rather than catch yourself off-guard, you can protect yourself now by hiring a lawyer to represent you and your business. By hiring an experienced Las Vegas business attorney from Pintar Albiston, you can meet any challenging circumstances with ease.

Heading Off Employee Disputes

If you have people working for you, you have the legal obligation to follow the state and federal guidelines for maintaining employees. If an employee accuses of fraud, harassment or another crime, you have the right to defend yourself.

Your lawyer can act as your counsel in a case that your employee files against you. He or she can present evidence like video surveillance, eyewitness statements and other facts to show that you acted ethically and should not be found guilty of the accusation.

Devising Contracts

Your lawyer can also be instrumental in drafting contracts to use with your employees and vendors. He or she can make sure that the contracts are legally sound and binding. You can be sure that your contract can hold up in court and not be contested or overturned because of legal flaws in it.

It benefits you to have this legal counsel in-house so that it is always available to you. You avoid having to pay repeated retainer fees. You also have a lawyer readily available to guide and advise you whenever you need him or her.

To find out more about the reasons to hire legal counsel, you ca and request an initial meeting to find an attorney who can represent you today.