What Kinds of Construction Issues Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help With?

Residential and commercial construction projects often involve large sums of money and are often very complex projects. Whether you are involved in new construction or a remodeling job, builders and property owners need to ensure they are on the same page throughout the entire process of completing a construction project.

Unfortunately, many construction issues arise and disagreements occur.  When a problem arises, you need to understand your rights and get help from an experienced real estate lawyer to proactively deal with the situation and protect yourself financially. Pintar Albiston LLP has extensive experience with all types of construction issues. Call our attorneys today to learn how we can help you.

Construction Issues a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help With

When you are drafting a construction contract, or before you sign any standard form agreement, it is a good idea to involve a real estate lawyer. Having an attorney help you to negotiate and understand contract terms and provisions can help you to avoid disagreements that may arise later.

Even when a comprehensive and detailed construction contract exists, construction issues can arise.  A detailed, well-written contract should provide a clear outline for resolving problems and should be used as a guide to determine the outcome of disagreements. If your contract is poorly written, unclear, or does not address the issue that arose, the situation becomes much more complicated.

Regardless of whether your contract is comprehensive and clear or not, you should still get help from a real estate lawyer to help resolve construction issues. Some of the different situations where your attorney may be able to help you include:

  • Construction projects that do not proceed on deadline or do not meet scheduling obligations.  Time is money when a property is being built or remodeled. If your agreement sets up a timeline for work to be performed and the project gets off schedule, your attorney can help you to determine who is responsible and what the appropriate remedies are.
  • Incorrect materials or unsatisfactory work. If a builder or contractor uses materials different from those specified in the construction agreement or if substandard work is performed, this can reduce the value of the property investment and create future problems. A real estate lawyer can help you to ensure that you get the correct materials and appropriate quality work performed or that you are compensated for damages if you do not.
  • Nonpayment.  When a property owner fails to pay a builder, or when a contractor does not pay subcontractors, many complex construction issues arise. An attorney can help with mechanics liens, materialmen’s liens, and other issues of nonpayment.
  • Zoning issues. Zoning regulations may limit the type of construction that can occur. An attorney can help to pursue a variance.
  • Easement issues. If there are easements on your land, or if you require an easement and are having difficulty getting one, an attorney can provide you with legal advice and assistance.

These are just a few of a great many types of construction issues a real estate lawyer can help with.  If you have any problems during a construction project you are involved in, contact Pintar Albiston LLP to learn how we can help you to resolve those issues.