What Do I Need to Start a Las Vegas Business?

Many new startups make a big mistake: not getting legal advice. While you may not be able to hire a full-time attorney to work for your new startup, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas business lawyer about the things that you need to get your organization started and protect its future.

When you start a Las Vegas business, there are many different steps you need to take in order to be able to operate in accordance with the law and to protect your finances. Pintar Albiston, LLP has extensive experience providing legal advice and representation to start-up companies. Whether you are just opening your doors for the first time or are expanding operations and want to ensure you do it right, give our Las Vegas attorneys a call for help with getting the necessary paperwork and permissions to comply with the law.

What Do You Need to Start a Las Vegas Business?

To start a Las Vegas business, you will need to determine how you want your business to be structured. Many people don’t give this much thought and simply begin operating as sole proprietors.  This is often not the best business structure because while a sole proprietorship is the simplest business form with no added paperwork or costs, it also leaves you vulnerable to personal liability and makes it very difficult to transfer or sell a company.   You also won’t be able to co-own a business that you own as sole proprietor.

Other options may include a partnership, LLC, or a corporation (a C-Corp or an S-Corp).  Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages and will require different kinds of paperwork. For example, when you create a partnership, you need a partnership agreement and a buy/sell agreement to ensure that you have an understanding of your co-ownership agreement and that you or your partners can leave without the business being destroyed.  If you form an S-corporation or a C-corp, you will need to file articles of incorporation with the state. The process is more complicated, but you get the best protections.

Aside from the initial documents you need to establish your business structure, there are also many other things you may need to start a Las Vegas business. You may want to register a DBA (doing business as) name, and you may want to get a trademark, patent, or copyright to protect your intellectual property.  Paperwork should be filled out with the Internal Revenue Service and you may need various types of business licenses, employment agreements and employee handbooks, and shareholder agreements.

Since there are so many variables based on the type of Las Vegas business you want to start, the business organization, and what your company will be doing, it is virtually impossible to get a clear idea of everything you will need to start your individual business unless you get personalized legal advice. The Las Vegas business lawyers at Pintar Albiston LLP are here and ready to provide you with help getting everything up-and-running for your new organization. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation so we can get started.