The Role of a Registered Agent in Nevada

If you own a business in Las Vegas or any other location in Nevada, but do not live within the state yourself, you are required to have a registered agent for your business. Even if you live in Nevada yourself it may be an advantage to you to appoint a registered agent. If this is something you have not considered, then read on below about the role of a registered agent in Nevada.

The Role of a Registered Agent

Not every state requires business entities to have registered agents, but most, including Nevada, do. The registered agent is a designated individual who resides within the state and is the person with whom government agencies, including the Inland Revenue Service contacts with regard to any official dealings with the registered business entity.

This could include things like:

  • tax forms;
  • lawsuit notifications;
  • correspondence from the Secretary of State;
  • any other state or federal documents;
  • sensitive material that you may not want delivered to your business address.

Who Can Act as a Registered Agent?

There are no particular requirements in Nevada for the qualifications of a registered agent. Theoretically, you could be your own registered agent, but that would contradict one of the main advantages of having one, i.e. that the agent is not necessarily located at the business address and can be on hand to receive the documents listed above when you are not available yourself. This means that the registered agent must have a physical address and not just have a post box.

The registered agent may or may not have a particular role in the business apart from being the registered agent, but this is not a requirement, either.

Basically, the only real recommendation is to choose a reliable person who you can trust to receive important documents, which may include sensitive and potentially embarrassing information at times.

If you are unsure about who to choose for a registered agent for your business, then you can consult a business attorney, such as one at Pintar Albiston in Las Vegas, Nevada who can provide advice and make recommendations.

The Benefits of Having a Registered Agent

As has been mentioned already if you are not physically located in Nevada, but you own a registered business there, you must have a registered agent by state law. However, there are other benefits of having a registered agent.

With the knowledge that all important documents will be received safely at any time, it frees you up to take a vacation, or pursue business interests elsewhere.

If potentially embarrassing documents arrive such as a subpoena served on you, the fact that it is received in a location where your clients cannot witness its arrival can be reassuring.

What Could Happen if There is No Registered Agent?

Apart from the state requirement for every business to have a registered agent if the owner of the business is not physically resident in the state, there are other potential negative outcomes that could eventuate without an agent. The business may fail to maintain good standing with the state authorities. This could lead to the business being fined or its license revoked. The business may not be able to enter into legal contracts with third parties or have any legal access to the state court system.

If you then need to reinstate your business, it may be subject to further sanctions, including civil or criminal proceedings.

How an Experienced Business Attorney Can Help You

If you have any questions about a registered agent in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada do not hesitate to call one of our experienced business attorneys at Pintar Albiston at 702-685-5255.