How to Navigate Child Custody During a Pandemic 

COVID-19 continues to cause havoc and chaos in American life. It has killed hundreds of thousands of people, made millions ill, shuttered schools and businesses, and ruined carefully established life routines. Anyone trying to navigate the realities, limitations, and restrictions of the pandemic will have a tough time—especially divorced couples who must parent a child. Raising a child in two different households was difficult enough before the pandemic. Doing so since the outbreak of the Coronavirus has posed many more challenges. 

The first thing you should understand is that child custody orders are still in effect. The ravages and inconveniences caused by the pandemic do not give any parent the right to take license with the custody arrangement. You cannot intentionally disobey a child custody order. However, owing to closures and lockdowns some allowance can be made for delays in getting the child to the other parent. 

If you need a more robust modification of the custody order, then you should speak to a child custody lawyer Las Vegas. A Las Vegas child custody lawyer will help you decide exactly what you need to change, and they will help you get a judge to sign off on the proposal. 

Legitimate Concerns About the Health of Your Child 

The continued spread of COVID-19 can lead to thorny problems in a custody arrangement. If you are the custodial parent and you have observed CDC guidelines on hand-washing, social distancing, and other measures to keep the virus at bay, then you can be sure of the health and safety of your child. If the other parent does not observe these precautions and has acted in a reckless manner in their interaction with people, they may put your child at risk. 

The courts have made no general ruling on these kinds of situations. However, you are perfectly within your rights to request a suspension of visitation rights until the other parent has been tested and is willing to take the recommended precautions against Coronavirus. 

Travel Challenges 

If your usual way of getting your child to the other parent is through a third-party, you want to reconsider this. The fewer people your child comes into contact with the less likely they are to fall ill. It is much better to change this routine so that you and your ex conduct the hand-off directly. You should also avoid, if possible, using public transport to shuttle the child between the two of you. 

Changing Your Approach to One Another 

COVID-19 is a challenge like no other. Your child may already be suffering mental and emotional strain owing to the closure of schools. You should try to minimize the stress they feel from you and your ex. No matter the difficulties you may have had as a couple, you should try to put them aside for the sake of your child. To so do, you will need to change your approach to one another. Here are a few tips on how to do that: 

1. Stay healthy 

Abide by all state and local guidelines and model good pandemic behavior. Wash your hands frequently, wipe down surfaces, maintain social distancing, and stay informed of the latest developments. If you get sick, you and your child will suffer. 

2. Comply with the custody agreement 

Even if you believe the other parent is putting your child in danger, you must comply with the custody agreement until your requested modifications are approved by the judge. 

3. Be honest and transparent 

If you have been exposed to the virus, you should own up to it and do the right thing. You will need to quarantine, and you may need to have your ex take your child while you do so. 

4. Make a plan 

You should work out contingency plans if you or your ex contracts the virus. Las Vegas family law attorneys can help you. 

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