How Family Law Attorneys Help Resolve Child Custody Issues

Child custody issues often become controversial, especially in cases that include a painful separation for the parent. Child custody issues are also exacerbated in cases where the child is born out of wedlock. The Nevada family courts consider many factors when determining a child custody case. The principle of best interest of the child is applied in all cases related to child custody. Recently, one of the main issues in child custody that has been the focus in Nevada is father’s rights advocates.

Fathers often feel that in most cases, they are at a disadvantage in a child custody battle. In many cases, the biological mothers are awarded custody of the minor child. However, with the paradigm shift in gender roles, fathers are also fighting to get primary custody of their children. In some cases of children being born out of wedlock, the paternity of the child might be under dispute.

Becky Pintar has a great deal of experience with such cases. In many of the cases with which she is involved, the biological father initiated a lawsuit with the help of an attorney in order to establish paternity over the minor child and to obtain child custody and visitation rights. Thus, hiring a knowledgeable attorney becomes even more important for both parents. In many cases, the people involved in a child custody case may wish to ask the attorneys to initiate a mediation process instead of a traditional litigation process in order to help the parents to obtain an amicable child custody settlement.

In Las Vegas, the majority of parents prefer to have shared custody of their children. Joint or shared custody of the child can give the child a sense of security and the arrangement can make the child feel that the parents are still one unit when it comes to parenting the child.