How Do You Decide Division of Holidays After Divorce

There are myriad issues with how parents should share visiting time after a marriage ends.  One of the biggest issues for many families is a decision on how holidays should be divided.

Parents should try to work out division of holidays after divorce together whenever possible. Involving the courts is likely to be the most costly way to resolve the question of how holidays should be shared. When parents cannot come to an agreement, the issue will need to be litigated as part of the divorce or custody division process. An experienced Las Vegas family law attorney can help parents to negotiate on the issue of divorce or provide assistance with the process of litigating how holidays are to be divided.

How Do You Decide Division of Holidays After Divorce?

A couple who is divorcing should consider trying to work out division of holidays after divorce in a way that makes the most sense for their family. For example, one parent may have a child on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas, or one parent could take Thanksgiving and the other could take the child’s birthday. Parents may choose to switch off on who has holidays over the course of the year so the child gets to spend time with each of the parents participating in family traditions.

An experienced attorney can help you to try to negotiate on this issue with your spouse so you can come to an amicable resolution on the division of holidays.  If necessary, you can also work with a mediator who can help to facilitate discussion.  Children and families are typically better off in the long-run if a judge does not make all of the important decisions on how parenting time is shared.

Sometimes, however, no compromise can be reached. In this case, the judge will consider the issue of holiday division in the same way as any child custody cases are decided: the judge will consider what is in the best interests of the child.  You will have the opportunity to make an argument to the court in favor of your preferred division of holidays and the court will consider relevant factors including the terms of the custody arrangement, family traditions and the wishes of children who are old enough to make their opinions known.

Judges usually try to provide the child sufficient time with both parents, as well as with extended family. This means that it is common for division of holidays after divorce to involve the child dividing up time and spending some holidays with one parent and some holidays with the other. However, this may not always be the case.  The specifics will depend upon the details of your divorce and custody arrangement.

An experienced Las Vegas family law attorney can provide assistance with the question of how division of holidays is determined after a divorce. Call to schedule a consultation with Pintar Albiston, LLP today for information on how a lawyer can help with all of your needs when it comes to custody arrangements.