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Do you need a lawyer? Individuals in the Henderson, NV area who want legal advice on business, real estate, or family matters can contact the team at Pintar Albiston.
Our established legal practice has vast expertise and a proven track record in the following areas.

Henderson Litigation and Real Estate Attorney

We are business lawyers with vast expertise in helping Nevada businesses with contractual and other legal issues. Purchasing real estate? We can help with that, too.

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Our legal team can also help with landlord / tenant matters. Call today to get legal advice about your issue, whether you are a landlord with problem tenants or are a tenant wanting to know your rights and responsibilities.

Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

Family lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of separation, divorce, guardianship, and child custody. A family law and divorce attorney at Pintar Albiston assigned to your case will be there to help you throughout the process of asset division, visitation, child support and / or spousal support, and other matters related to family law.

Henderson, NV Residents: Book a Legal Consultation

We help with a variety of legal areas faced by Henderson, NV residents. Whether you’re in need of legal advice for a personal, family, or business matter, Pintar Albiston would be pleased to meet with you for a confidential legal consultation. We are established and with a great track record. We also get great feedback for the fact that we are fixed fee legal specialists who help our clients with legal matters without unpleasant financial surprises. Call today.