Guardianship Laws in NV: How Does a Case Work?

The unexpected happens often in life. If you are the close friend or relative of someone who is going through a tough time, you may need to help them with the raising of their children. If a person close to you can no longer care for their children, or need other assistance, then you may need to assume the parental role temporarily or permanently. These roles are best fulfilled through guardianship. Las Vegas family law attorneys specialize in helping people get through the guardianship process.


In Nevada, there are three types of guardianship: guardian of the person, guardian of the estate, guardian of the person and estate, and temporary guardian.


If you are made guardian of the person, you will be responsible for the proper care, maintenance, and education of the individual. You will also be empowered to make significant personal and medical decisions for them.


If you are guardian of the estate, then you will be responsible for the protection, preservation, and management of the individual’s finances and assets until they are old enough to fend for themselves. The legal duties and responsibilities of such a guardian are outlined in Nevada state law and must be followed scrupulously.


If you are made guardian of the person and estate, then you must see to the personal, financial, medical, and educational decisions of your protected person.


How Cases Typically Work


In most instances, you will need to apply for temporary guardianship. Under the laws of Nevada, a judge can grant an emergency order of temporary guardianship if you can show the following:


-The prospective protected person faces significant risk of financial loss or physical harm without a parental figure


-The prospective protected person lacks the capacity to respond to the risk of loss or harm they face


-You have made a good faith effort to notify the parents of the risks to the potential protected person


You should not pursue guardianship over a minor without an attorney. The issues are much too complex to be handled by a non-professional. Pintar Albiston are Las Vegas family law attorneys who specialize in guardianship. You should call Pintar Albiston to review your options.