Child Custody Laws in NV: How They Could Affect Your Christmas Schedule

Are you planning on having your children spend Christmas with you? If you are divorced and have a child custody order in place, you should consider the legal situation to determine if that’s possible. A child custody order will state when and where the children of a divorced couple should be at a given time. There is typically an arrangement specific to holidays that is outlined in the order. If it is your plan to spend Christmas with your children, consider how the law impacts this choice. Las Vegas NV child custody attorneys will assist you if you are having trouble understanding how the laws can impact the time you spend with your children. At Pintar Albiston, our attorneys will explain how the law works and help make changes to the custody order that you’d like to propose, if needed.

Child Custody Laws and Holiday Time
In the state of Nevada, child custody is separated into two categories: physical and legal. Each type of custody can be either shared or granted to a sole parent. Physical custody relates to where the children will live which can be with one parent or shared time between the two. Legal custody is related to decisions made about the child’s life and upbringing. Although physical custody can be granted to one parent, the custody order will outline certain times, particularly holidays, and how they will be spent. In many cases, the parents will figure out a way that works and is fair for them. You can always refer back to the custody agreement to see if you will have your children with you for Christmas. If the custody order is unclear for whatever reason, Las Vegas NV child custody attorneys can help you understand the time you are entitled to.

If you need help understanding child custody laws or want to make a change to your current child custody order, contact Pintar Albiston to learn how we can help you.