How Do I Change a Custody and Support Order?


If you have children and are divorced or separated from the other parent, you likely have a parenting time arrangement or a custody order in place dictating how you will share responsibility for your children. There may also be a child support order in effect requiring the non-custodial parent to pay support to the other parent who has primary responsibility for the children. If you have custody … [Read more...]

Can My Spouse Take the Children Out-of-State?

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When a couple is raising children together, either or both parents may take the children wherever they want. This means you could take your kids out of state, or your spouse could travel to a different location with the children.  However, when you have separated or are divorced, the issue of when you can leave with the kids becomes a more complicated matter to deal with.  If your spouse is … [Read more...]

How Long Does it Take to Get a Nevada Divorce?


Getting a divorce is an upsetting experience for most people, and it is common to want the process to be over as quickly as possible. Once you are officially divorced, you can move on with your life. You and your spouse can each get remarried to other people, or simply move forward with your marriage officially dissolved. Getting a quick divorce can also save you money as you won't have to incur … [Read more...]

Can You Make a Spouse Move Out During Divorce?

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The divorce process is Nevada may proceed quickly provided you and your spouse are in agreement on the legal issues involved in dissolving your marriage. However, even in a best case scenario, there may be several weeks or several months between the time when you decide to end your marriage and the time when you are legally divorced.  During this time period, you may be very uncomfortable with the … [Read more...]

Free Report: What is Physical Custody in Nevada?

Physical Custody in Nevada

  After a couple makes the choice to separate, it becomes necessary to determine how they will divide responsibility for raising their children. The parents may decide together on how parenting time should be shared or a judge can decide if the parents are unable to agree. No matter who determines the custody arrangement, it is necessary to consider both physical custody and legal … [Read more...]

Differences Between Legal Separation vs. Divorce


A marriage is a legal relationship and you must go to court if you wish to dissolve the union. Many couples decide that they no longer wish to live together and will separate or divorce. Before you take the step to end your marriage, however, you need to understand the implications of the choice that you are making.  An experienced Las Vegas, Nevada divorce and family law attorney at Pintar … [Read more...]

Who Can Decide Where Kids Go To School After Divorce?


Where a child attends school can have a profound impact on his or her future. Parents will need to decide whether a child should attend a private school, a public school, a magnet school or a charter school. They may also have a choice regarding which public institution a child should attend.  Ideally, parents will make the choice together about where a child should attend school. However, it … [Read more...]

What is Physical Custody in Nevada?

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Many couples who have children decide that they cannot sustain their romantic relationship and that they wish to live in different households. Whenever two parents separate and will live independently, decisions must be made regarding who will care for the children and who will make choices on the children's upbringing.  The issue of physical custody in Nevada is often one of the most … [Read more...]

Can My Spouse Fight for Custody if I Request Child Support?

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During a divorce or separation involving children, two important legal issues must be decided: child support and child custody. These legal issues are related, because the custody arrangement can impact child support obligations. However, the issue of custody should not be decided based on a willingness or ability to pay child support.  Understanding Nevada laws on custody and support is … [Read more...]