Family Law

How Do I Know When My Parent Needs a Guardian?

Many medical conditions can affect a person’s ability to make decisions on his own behalf.  Everything from drug addiction to brain damage from an accident to dementia can cause someone to be of unsound mind and unable to make informed decisions in his or her own interest. Unfortunately, many of the medical conditions that affect cognitive abilities become significantly more likely as people age. If your parent has begun to experience mental health issues caused by physical or mental illness, this may be a sign your.. [Read More…]

How Do You Decide Division of Holidays After Divorce

There are myriad issues with how parents should share visiting time after a marriage ends.  One of the biggest issues for many families is a decision on how holidays should be divided. Parents should try to work out division of holidays after divorce together whenever possible. Involving the courts is likely to be the most costly way to resolve the question of how holidays should be shared. When parents cannot come to an agreement, the issue will need to be litigated as part of the divorce.. [Read More…]

How to Serve Divorce Papers to a Spouse Who is Out of State

When you file for divorce, your spouse has the right to be notified about the fact that you are trying to end your marriage. Your spouse has the right to receive your request to dissolve your union and to provide a response. Your spouse also has the right to argue for his or her preferred division of property, assets, debts, and custody. In order to make sure that your spouse gets the right to respond to your divorce petition and come to court to make arguments,.. [Read More…]

What are the Grounds for Divorce in Nevada?

Traditionally, divorces were limited to situations where one or both of the two spouses involved in the relationship had done something to cause an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.  A couple could divorce, for example, as a result of abuse or neglect or adultery but could not divorce simply because they no longer loved each other or wished to be married. This resulted in divorces where couples manufactured “grounds” for divorce by making inaccurate claims or acting in a certain destructive way solely to get out.. [Read More…]

How Do You Calculate Child Support in Nevada?

Child support is a financial contribution that each parent makes in order to help provide financial support to his or her children.  Child support is generally required until a child has become emancipated. For most kids, this appears at age 18, or at age 19 if the child is still going to high school at the age of 18. A parent is always going to be obliged to pay child support, even if he or she does not have an ongoing relationship with the kids (unless.. [Read More…]