What if a Spouse Doesn’t Respond to a Divorce Petition

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When a person files for divorce, the other spouse is served with the court papers by a qualified process server. The spouse who receives the divorce papers has a limited period of time in which to respond to the petition for divorce. The responding spouse must provide an answer to the court, providing required information and appropriate legal paperwork.  If one spouse doesn't respond to a … [Read more...]

Cost of a Divorce in Las Vegas

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Ending a marriage can be an emotionally draining experience that causes you significant amounts of stress.  Unfortunately, divorce can also be a financially devastating experience. Not only do you face the division of your shared marital property and the transition to a one-income household, but you also must pay the actual costs of dissolving your union.  The cost of a divorce in Las Vegas is … [Read more...]

How are Extracurricular Activities Paid for By Divorced Parents?


Many children today participate in extracurricular activities. These activities can become very expensive.  Because of the high costs of many activities that young people enjoy, an issue of cost may arise when parents are divorced. The parents may not be in agreement regarding who should pay for the different things that their kids are involved in.  Divorced parents need to understand the rules … [Read more...]

Should a Stay-at-Home Parent Be Awarded Custody in Nevada?

child custody

Decisions on child custody should generally be made by the two parents working together. If the parents fail to come to an agreement and cannot create a parenting plan to share custody, then a judge will think about what is in the child's best interests and will then enter a custody order.  When deciding who should be awarded custody in Nevada, one issue that may come up is whether a … [Read more...]

What is Legal Custody in Nevada?


Custody of a child refers to providing care and taking responsibility for a child. When parents live in separate households but have shared children, decisions will need to be made on how custody should be shared. The parents will need to negotiate to create a parenting plan and make these decisions. If parents cannot agree, a judge will consider what is in the child's best interests and will then … [Read more...]

How Does a Judge Decide Custody Issues in Nevada?


If parents are divorcing, a decision must be made on child custody. Any two people who have a child together but who do not live in the same household will also need to create a custody agreement or parenting plan.  It is always preferred for two parents to work together and make decisions on custody issues in Nevada. However, when no agreement can be reached, a family court judge can preside … [Read more...]

How Does the Las Vegas Divorce Process Work?

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The process of ending a marriage can be stressful, so it is important for you to plan ahead and know what to expect. An experienced Las Vegas, Nevada divorce lawyer at Pintar Albiston LLP can assist with the process of filing court paperwork and taking the necessary steps to end your marriage.  The steps involved in the Las Vegas divorce process will vary depending upon whether you and your … [Read more...]

Advantages of a Durable Power of Attorney for Property

durable power of attorney

A power of attorney allows you to establish someone to act as your agent. Your agent has a fiduciary responsibility to you, which means the agent is required to act on your behalf only in your best interests. The agent can sign contracts and other legal documents, access bank accounts and other assets, and make decisions on your behalf. A power of attorney can be limited and last for only a set … [Read more...]

Paying for Extracurricular Activities After Divorce


When parents are separated or divorced and raising a child, the child is entitled to receive financial support from both mom and dad.  The parents should create a parenting time or custody arrangement that explains how visitation and custody will be shared. Based on the family income and the amount of time that the child spends with each parent, one parent may be required to pay child support to … [Read more...]