Do I Have to Keep Paying Child Support After a Change in Custody?


Under Nevada law, the amount of child support that must be paid is determined based upon how much time each parent spends with the kids as well as based on what each parent's income is. The special needs of the children are also a factor as well. When a support order is put into place, you must continue to abide by it and continue paying child support until the court order has been … [Read more...]

How Do I Start the Divorce Process in Nevada?

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You can get a divorce in Nevada if either spouse has been a resident of the state for at least six weeks prior to the filing.  It is important to understand how the process of ending your marriage will work so you can be prepared for what to expect and make informed choices for moving your case forward.  A Las Vegas divorce lawyer at Pintar Albiston LLP can help you start the divorce process in … [Read more...]

Will A Homemaker Have to Find a Job After Divorce?

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Divorce can change your life in many ways. If you have always been a homemaker, your spouse may no longer be willing or able to support you. This means that you may need to return to the workforce. Whether you will have to go back to work or not is going to depend upon the terms of your divorce settlement agreement and whether you are able to live on any money provided to you for spousal … [Read more...]

How Does a Child’s Age Affect Custody Decisions in Nevada?


Decisions on child custody will have a profound impact on the life of a child and his parents.  It is always best for parents to work together to create a parenting plan and visitation schedule, rather than having the judge make the important decisions that affect their family. Parents know their own situation and their children best and can try to come to a custody agreement that makes … [Read more...]

What is a Living Will?

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The future is uncertain and there are never any guarantees about how long you will stay healthy and continue to live your life. No matter how old you are or how good your health, the reality is that an accident or serious illness could change everything in an instant. Planning ahead for the possibility that you will experience a medical emergency is smart planning for the future and is something … [Read more...]

What Can You Do If Your Spouse Won’t Let You See Your Kids?

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For parents, the inability to see their children can be devastating. Unfortunately, children sometimes are used as weapons during a separation or divorce. If you are not getting along with your spouse, he or she may try to withhold the children from you. Your options in this situation vary depending upon the circumstances.  If you already have a custody agreement in place, then your spouse must … [Read more...]

Does a Non-Biological Parent Have to Pay Child Support in Las Vegas?


Every child deserves to receive financial support from both parents, even if the parents do not live together in the same household. If only one parent has custody of the child, or if one parent has primary custody, the non-custodial parent is responsible for paying financial support.  A standard formula is used in the state of Nevada to determine how much child support must be paid. The formula … [Read more...]

A Job Loss Can Affect Child Support Payments


Every parent is responsible for providing financial support to their children, regardless of who is raising the child. If parents divorce, separate or were never married, the non-custodial parent will be responsible for paying support to the other parent who is taking care of the child or children. Even a non-custodial parent who does not see his or her kids will still need to pay support unless … [Read more...]

Free Report: How Does the Judge Decide Custody Issues in Nevada?

How Does the Judge Decide Custody Issues in Nevada?

Parents have the best insight into their children’s needs and their family dynamic and should always try to create a parenting plan outside of court that divides custody. It is very common for parents to have difficulty agreeing on their own. However, parents can get help from a mediator who can facilitate open communication between them. Topics covered in this report include: Deciding … [Read more...]