Family Law

Marriage Annulment: What happens in Vegas can definitely stay in Vegas

You have recently been married and congratulations are in order. But what if you are having second thoughts about your partner and you can no longer see yourself growing old with them on your porch, sipping iced teas together? If you have decided that married life is not for you, an annulment may be the best course of action, depending on the actual reason for which you’re seeking an annulment. What is an Annulment? An annulment is a legal status that denotes that your marriage never.. [Read More…]

Planning Ahead for Your Child’s College Education

If you’re going through a divorce and your child is very young, it’s probably not at the forefront of your mind to consider negotiating your child’s college education with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, this is exactly the time you should be discussing it. If you wait until your child is closer to college-bound age, well after your divorce is finalized, you and your ex-spouse may have your own new families and additional children to take care of. This increases the possibility that your opinions on the.. [Read More…]

Tips For Business Owners Contemplating Divorce

If you are a business owner that had the foresight to visit an attorney prior to getting married or starting your business, you were likely able to take precautionary measures that would protect your business interests in the event of a divorce. Some of these measures include: a prenuptial agreement, which determines what part of the business, if any, will become marital property; incorporation of your business, which creates a separate legal entity that owns all company assets; and the establishment of a Domestic Asset Protection.. [Read More…]

Marriage Annulment in Las Vegas

Marriages that are based on “lack of capacity” and/or fraud, can be dissolved via an annulment. An annulment, unlike a divorce, will make it seem like you were never married.  Some basis for an annulment in Las Vegas include, but are not limited to an inability to make an informed decision about getting married, because one party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Another example would be, to be married under false pretenses, such as only to gain legal citizenship. Many couples only pass through.. [Read More…]

Prenuptial Agreements in Nevada

A prenuptial agreement is a legally written document that is signed by both parties, prior to the marriage.  The content within a prenuptial agreement can vary greatly, but it usually protects previously owned property, and/or it can also outline the terms of a spousal support arrangement.  Other issues that could be addressed in a Nevada-based prenuptial agreement are the forfeiting of marital assets under the grounds of adultery (for example).  Guardianship particulars may also be addressed in this type of legal document. The divorce law is a blanket.. [Read More…]