How Much Child Support Do I Have to Pay?

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Nevada law makes clear that every child should receive financial support from both parents. A child is entitled to support even from a parent who the child does not have a relationship with.  Unless the court has terminated your parental rights permanently, you will need to pay to support your child.  Determining how much child support you must pay requires an understanding of Nevada laws.  … [Read more...]

What are the Grounds for Annulment in Nevada?


Annulment is very different from divorce. Divorce acknowledges that your marriage existed and was valid.  Annulment ends the marriage and treats it as though it never occurred.  Many people pursue annulment as an alternative to divorce because they believe there is a stigma attached to divorce or because they have religious beliefs that dictate an annulment is preferred. A legal annulment granted … [Read more...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Guardianship


Guardianship becomes necessary when it is determined that someone is not able to manage his or her own affairs. Children have guardians because they cannot legally make decisions or act on their own behalf.  People who are mentally incompetent or who are physically incapable of caring for themselves may also need to have a guardian appointed.  Guardianship can provide protections for a ward, … [Read more...]

I Am Still Paying Child Support Even Though the Custody Arrangement Has Changed – Do I Have to Continue Paying?

I Am Still Paying Child Support Even Though the Custody Arrangement Has Changed Do I Have to Continue Paying

There are standard formulas used in Nevada to determine the amount of child support that a parent is obligated to pay when the parents are not raising children together. The child support formulas take into account the number of shared children that a couple has, as well as the combined family income of both parents and the percentage of income that each parent earns. It is important to go … [Read more...]

Can I Take the Kids Out of the Country?


If you are raising children separately from their other parent, you must ensure you do not violate any Nevada state laws on child custody. If you are considering taking your children out of the country, you need to know what the rules are and whether you can go on your trip without running afoul of the law. If you do not have the right to take your kids out of the country and you do it anyway, you … [Read more...]

How Long Do You Have to Pay Support?

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There are two primary types of support that you may be required to pay after a divorce. One type of support is alimony, or spousal support. This is not ordered in all divorce cases and a number of factors are considered in determining if spousal support will be mandated. Another type of support is child support. Child support generally must be paid in all situations when a child's parents live … [Read more...]

Should I Have a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

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It is important to plan ahead for the future, which means thinking about things like what will occur if you get sick or seriously injured. Although this is something that no one likes to consider, you need to make decisions on issues related to life-saving medical care when you are healthy. If you don't, and something does happen to you, this can create a very bad situation for you and for your … [Read more...]

What Happens to the Support Amount You are Required to Pay If You Get Remarried?


When you divorce, you may be ordered to pay child support and you may be ordered to pay spousal support. There is a standard formula in Nevada that is used to determine how much you must contribute to supporting your kids. There is no standard formula setting the amount of alimony, and alimony is not ordered in every divorce case. The judge will consider many factors in deciding if alimony is … [Read more...]

If I Am not The Biological Parent of a Child, Do I Have to Pay for Support?

If I Am Not The Biological Parent of a Child, Do I Have To Pay For Support? from Becky Pintar   Every biological parent must pay child support for his or her children. This is true even if the parents were never married; if the biological parent did not want a child; and/or if the biological parent never sees the child. Learn more about biological parent in this presentation. … [Read more...]