Can I Be Forced to Arbitrate a Dispute Over a Construction Contract?


Construction contracts should protect both owner/investors and builders/general contractors. The construction contract sets forth the terms under which a build, upgrade or remodel will take place. The more comprehensive and detailed the contract, the more guidance the agreement will provide to each party regarding his or her individual obligations.  When a dispute arises, the construction … [Read more...]

Do Real Estate Lawyers Handle Issues With Rental Properties?

issues with rental properties

When a commercial or a residential property is rented out to a tenant, the lease agreement dictates the terms of the arrangement. All parties must abide by the lease, which acts as a legally binding contract. In addition to the lease, Nevada law also sets certain rules that govern the relationship between landlords and tenants. Regardless of the terms of the lease, laws protecting the rights of … [Read more...]

Can You Help Me To Select the Right Type of Business Entity?

select the right type of business entity

Businesses can be structured in different ways including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.  It is important when starting or growing your business to understand the different types of business structures and to make an informed choice regarding which is best for you.  At Pintar Alibston, LLP, our experienced Las Vegas business law attorneys can … [Read more...]

Can I Bring A Case in Federal Court?

bring a case in federal court

When you file a lawsuit or are sued, the case will proceed in a specific court. There are many different courts within the U.S. legal system including state courts and federal courts.  There are important differences between the state court system and the federal court system and a Las Vegas litigation lawyer can help you to understand which court will preside over your case. In some situations, … [Read more...]

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

alternative dispute resolution

Disagreements can arise in many different situations, from disputes among divorcing spouses to business owners who cannot agree on how a company should be operated.  In a great many cases, parties involved in disputes will turn to the legal system to resolve their disagreement. From breach of contract cases to personal injury claims, the field of civil litigation is very broad and the court system … [Read more...]

Should I Sign a Real Estate Contract Without Talking to a Lawyer?

sign a real estate contract

A real estate contract is legally binding once you have signed it. You are expected to know what is in contractual agreements prior to signing and you will be required to comply with the terms of the contract that you have agreed to. As a result, if you are being pressured to sign a contract without having a lawyer review it first, you are putting yourself at risk of agreeing to an unfavorable … [Read more...]

What is the Role of an Architect?

role of an architect

An architect has an important role to play in the process of constructing residential and commercial buildings. The role of an architect can differ depending upon the scope of the project and the desires of the developer and owners. It is important that an architect's job duties and responsibilities are clearly defined at the start of the project so all parties have an understanding of what the … [Read more...]