Material Breach of Contract vs. Non-Material Breach

contract breached

Individuals or businesses who sign a contract are expected to follow the terms of their agreement. Regardless of whether you actually read or understood the contract that you signed, you are usually required to fulfill your obligations under it or you could face a breach of contract case.  Unfortunately, in some situations, one or both parties to a contract fails to live up to the promises that … [Read more...]

What is Title Insurance and Why Is it Important?

Mortgage contract

When you own real estate, you take title to the property. Title essentially refers to the bundle of rights that go along with the property. For example, there is a right to use the property, a right to possess the property, and a right to drill for oil and gas underneath the surface of the property, among other rights.  The bundle of rights associated with the property may be shared among … [Read more...]

What are Your Options if Your Landlord Won’t Make Repairs

landlord repairs

When you are a renter, you depend upon your landlord to take care of problems with your unit. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords do not resolve issues that arise within your rental home or apartment. When a landlord refuses to fix problems or simply ignores your requests to resolve issues, this can be very frustrating. In some cases, your health and safety could also be jeopardized by your … [Read more...]

Why Have a Commercial Lease Reviewed by a Lawyer?

commercial lease

When you own a business, you need to have a place from which to operate your company. Unless you own a property, you will need to enter into a commercial lease agreement. Likewise, owners of commercial spaces who want to benefit from their investment will need to find a tenant and sign a commercial lease.  Both the landlord and the party leasing the commercial space should be represented by a … [Read more...]

What is a Design Build Construction Contract?

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When initiating a construction project, owners or developers need to have a design for the finished product. The owners or developers must enter into an agreement with a contractor or builder to take the blueprints and build the structure to make the design a reality.  In some cases, the owner will have an architect or design professional create the blue prints for the project. The owner will then … [Read more...]

Free Report: What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Contracts in Nevada?

What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Contracts in Nevada?

When a builder and owner enter into a fixed price contract, they agree upon a set price to complete a specified project. The owner of the property pays the price that is outlined in the contract, regardless of what occurs during the building process, unless the owner alters the specifications or scope of the project. Topics covered in this report include: Understanding a Guaranteed Maximum … [Read more...]

What is a Time and Materials Construction Contract?

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Construction contracts establish the parameters for building projects for both residential and commercial real estate. The contract must be created before the project begins and should establish the specifications for an individual project. The terms of the agreement should be negotiated so the contract is fair to both the builder/contractor and the investor/owner.  The contract should set out … [Read more...]

What is a Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Contract?

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When an owner or a developer decides to begin a construction project, a contract must be created to outline the terms and scope of the project. There are different types of construction contracts that establish the parameters of the job and that assign risk in various ways. Some contracts put more risk on the owner, while others involve the builder assuming the potential for losses caused by cost … [Read more...]

Free Report: Can My Case be Heard in Federal Court?

Can My Case be Heard in Federal Court?

In the United States, there is both a federal court system and a state court system. The federal court system consists of the United States Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land. It also includes the U.S. Court of Appeals; the U.S. District Courts; bankruptcy courts; a federal judiciary branch; and courts of special jurisdiction. Topics covered in this report … [Read more...]

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nevada?

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nevada? from Becky Pintar Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to the methods of resolving legal disputes or disagreements without using the court system or going to trial. Alternative Dispute Resolution has many advantages under the right circumstances. Learn more about Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nevada in this presentation.   … [Read more...]