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When Should I Consult a Real Estate Lawyer if I am Not Buying or Selling Property?

Real estate attorneys in Las Vegas provide invaluable assistance to clients during the process of buying and selling properties. Because there is so much money at stake and real estate transactions can be very complicated, most buyers and sellers benefit from having an experienced legal advocate help with the negotiation of the real estate contract and the closing of the deal. While buyers and sellers should definitely consider getting legal help, the purchase or sale of a property is not the only time when it makes.. [Read More…]

Free Report: What are the Major Types of Business Entities and How Do I Choose One That is Right for My Business

A Las Vegas business law attorney will provide assistance in understanding the different kinds of business entities and will help your organization to determine how best to be structured. To learn more and to get started on selecting the appropriate business organizational structure, call today to schedule a consultation. Topics covered in this report include: What are the Major Types of Business Entities Sole Proprietorships Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships Limited Liability Companies Corporations Click here to read the whole article or download the PDF.

What to Do If You Are Going Into Business with a Friend Whose Spouse You Hate

When starting a business, many people look to partner with someone else to share the financial risk, to share the burden of getting the company off the ground, and to share the joy in building a business. Starting a company from the ground up can require a big commitment and many people choose to partner with a close friend in order to give the new organization a chance to grow and thrive. When you are going into business with a friend, you need to think about.. [Read More…]

Why Should I Consult a Las Vegas Real Estate Lawyer?

Whenever you are considering a real estate transaction as a buyer, seller, leaser or leasee, you need to ensure that you are making informed choices.  A real estate transaction involves large sums of money, whether the transaction involves residential or commercial real estate. Real estate is not a very liquid investment, so it can be difficult to get out of a bad investment you have made.  You could also assume significant financial risk and experience major monetary loss if you make a bad deal. Because so.. [Read More…]

Free Report: Do I Really Need to Worry About A Property’s Environmental Past?

Investors and developers must be aware of the environmental history of the property because there are serious financial and legal consequences associated with owning a contaminated property. Topics covered in this report include: Why it is Important to Worry about a Property’s Environmental Past Click here to read the whole article or download the PDF.