What if I am Served with an Eviction Notice in Las Vegas?

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If you violate provisions of your lease, you may be required to vacate your rental property. However, there are landlord/tenant laws in place that protect you from being unlawfully evicted. These laws require landlords to follow a specific process to evict you and you cannot just be turned out of your home.  If you are served with an eviction notice in Las Vegas, you need to respond … [Read more...]

What is a Materialmen’s Lien?


Those who perform work on a home or a commercial property expect to be paid for their services. If they are not paid, they can take legal action. In most cases, it is possible for individual tradesmen to take this action against a homeowner even in cases where they were hired by a general contractor.  One of the methods of collecting for unpaid work is a materialmen’s lien. A materialmen’s lien … [Read more...]

Are all Bank Loan Documents the Same?

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A loan agreement is a legally binding contract. If you do not abide by any of the terms of the loan agreement, a lender can impose penalties. These penalties could include charging late fees; posting negative information on your credit report; repossessing collateral if you took out a secured loan such as a mortgage or car loan; or seeking a court judgment against you and potentially placing a … [Read more...]

Who Will Hear A Civil Litigation Case in Nevada?


The civil justice system in the United States allows individuals and companies to take private legal actions against other people, organizations and government entities.  Civil litigation is distinct from criminal litigation. While a criminal case involves a prosecutor seeking penalties for crimes committed against the people, a civil case involves a private plaintiff seeking some type of legal … [Read more...]

What is a Secured Transaction?

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A loan or a credit transaction generally involves a contract between the lender and the debtor/borrower. The contract specifies the amount being borrowed or the credit available in the case of a revolving credit line. The loan agreement also specifies things like the interest rate and the consequences of late payments or non-payments.  There are different types of loans and credit transactions … [Read more...]

Do I Really Need to Worry About a Property’s Environmental Past?

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Investors or developers interested in purchasing a piece of property need to do their due diligence to make sure the investment is financially sound. This means making sure that the zoning will allow you to put the property to its desired use, and making sure that the property has clear title. It also means making sure that there is no environmental damage to the property that could affect its … [Read more...]

How Do I Know if a Material Breach Has Occurred?


Contracts are created every day among individuals and in the business world. Some contracts are negotiated by the parties, who bargain for what they want out of the transaction. Many other contracts are take-it-or-leave it contracts where a business creates a contract and a consumer can either agree to its terms or back out of the transaction. For example, a negotiated contract may be created when … [Read more...]

Free Report: What is the Difference Between a Material Breach and a Non-Material Breach of Contract in Nevada?

What is the Difference Between a Material Breach and a Non-Material Breach of Contract in Nevada?

In Las Vegas, individuals and businesses routinely enter into contracts. Contracts make commerce possible because they allow parties to order goods or to make arrangement to obtain services with the assurance that the other party will follow through and fulfill his end of the bargain. Topics covered in this report include: Material vs. Non-Material Breach of Contract Distinguishing … [Read more...]

What is an IRC Section 1031 Exchange?

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The sale of an investment property can trigger capital gains. This means an investor who has made money because a property appreciated in value could be required to pay a big portion of the gains to the Internal Revenue Service in the form of capital gains taxes.  An IRC section 1031 exchange, however, allows an investor to defer the recognition of the capital gains from the sale of an … [Read more...]

Do You need a Buy-Sell Agreement When Starting a Business with Friends and Family

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Starting a business gives you the opportunity to provide an innovative product or service to consumers. You can harvest your talents and control your own success in the business. Working for yourself gives you unprecedented freedoms and small businesses remain the cornerstone of the American economy.  Of course, starting a small business is also a risk- and you need to make sure you take the … [Read more...]