Is There Pressure to Settle Cases Out of Court?


When litigation arises in business, parties turn to the courts to resolve disputes. While theoretically this should involve a judge or a jury making decisions on the issues, this rarely happens. Instead, the vast majority of lawsuits settle outside of court. The mere filing of the suit is sufficient to get parties to the bargaining table where they can come to an agreement regarding how … [Read more...]

What Kinds of Construction Issues Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help With?


Residential and commercial construction projects often involve large sums of money and are often very complex projects. Whether you are involved in new construction or a remodeling job, builders and property owners need to ensure they are on the same page throughout the entire process of completing a construction project.  Unfortunately, many construction issues arise and disagreements occur.  … [Read more...]

What Are the Damages for Breach of Contract?


Breach of contract occurs when one party to an agreement does not live up to obligations set forth within that agreement. A breach of contract can cause significant damages to a person or company who relied upon the assumption that the agreement would be carried out.  Nevada law allows the wronged party to file a lawsuit in order to obtain damages for breach of contract.  If you wish to pursue … [Read more...]

Do Banks Enforce Personal Guarantees?


There are many situations in which you may be asked to personally guarantee a loan. If you are operating a business and the business does not have its own separate legal identity and its own established credit, you may need to personally guarantee a loan so the business is able to get access to credit. You may also be asked to personally guarantee a loan for a person or a business who has bad … [Read more...]

How Can a Las Vegas Real Estate Lawyer Help Me?


Real estate transactions can include construction contracts to build new structures; the purchase/sale of real estate; or a residential and commercial lease. All of these transactions involve significant sums of money and can be complex deals that have many different terms and provisions. It is important that you understand the real estate deal you enter into and make an informed choice about … [Read more...]

What Can a Creditor Do to Collect a Debt?


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers from abusive or overly-aggressive debt collection practices. While the FDCPA imposes some limitations on what creditors and debt collectors can do to try to collect if a debt is not paid, creditors still have many legal remedies available.  Both debtors and creditors need to know the rules for debt collection so they can make … [Read more...]

Free Report: Do I Really Need to Worry About A Property’s Environmental Past?

Do I Really Need to Worry About A Property's Environmental Past?

Investors and developers must be aware of the environmental history of the property because there are serious financial and legal consequences associated with owning a contaminated property. Topics covered in this report include: Why it is Important to Worry about a Property’s Environmental Past Click here to read the whole article or download the PDF. … [Read more...]

Why Can a Landlord Evict a Tenant in Las Vegas?


Tenants must comply with all of the terms of the lease agreement in order to remain in good standing. Tenants also have to pay their rent on time and should not break the law or bother their neighbors. If a tenant fails to live up to obligations of living in an apartment, a landlord can move forward with eviction.  There are only a limited number of circumstances where a landlord can evict a … [Read more...]

What if a Tenant Breaches a Las Vegas Lease?


Landlords have the right to expect that a tenant will comply with all terms of the lease. This includes not only paying rent on time, but also obeying the rules of the rental complex and not becoming a nuisance to neighbors. Sometimes, however, tenants violate the rules. When this occurs, landlords have the right to evict but they must go through the formal process.  If a tenant breaches a Las … [Read more...]