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What Is Mechanic’s Lien?

What Is A Mechanics Lien? from Becky Pintar A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in a property’s title. Learn more about mechanic’s lien in this presentation.

Does Your Spouse Have to Sign Loan Documents for a Business Loan or Personal Guarantee?

When you start a business or grow your company, you may need to borrow funds. When your venture is a brand new one, the business probably does not have credit or collateral. This means that there are going to be very few financial institutions, if any, that will provide a loan to the business alone. You will need to take on the loan personally or co-sign for the loan in order to get the funds you need. When you borrow money in your name for your company.. [Read More…]

What is a Trademark?

Your business works hard to establish its brand and you want to ensure customers have an easy way to recognize it.  Once you have developed a brand identity and have a distinguishing mark or symbol your customers will recognize, you want to ensure you protect both the brand identity and the mark that denotes it. A trademark provides you with the opportunity to register a mark or slogan as your own and to prevent others from using it without your permission. A trademark can be registered.. [Read More…]

What is a Payment and Performance Bond?

During a construction project, a contract is created between a builder or contractor and a developer or property owner. The contract must contain many clauses including specifying what work is to be performed, how it is to be performed, and how it is to be paid for. While the contract should be detailed to protect everyone’s interests, you cannot guarantee neither party will breach the contract. As a result, in some construction contracts, bonds are required to ensure the contract is performed and the subcontractors paid… [Read More…]

What are Some Construction Issues That Require the Help of a Real Estate Lawyer?

During a construction project, a contract should be created to provide protections to all involved parties. The developer or building owner needs assurances that the builder will perform work according to specifications, and that the project will be completed within an agreed budget. The builder or contractor needs assurances that the work will be paid for by the owners in a reasonable time frame. Although a contract should be created that plans for all contingencies, it can be impossible to plan for every possible issue that.. [Read More…]