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The Role of a Registered Agent in Nevada

If you own a business in Las Vegas or any other location in Nevada, but do not live within the state yourself, you are required to have a registered agent for your business. Even if you live in Nevada yourself it may be an advantage to you to appoint a registered agent. If this is something you have not considered, then read on below about the role of a registered agent in Nevada. The Role of a Registered Agent Not every state requires business entities to have.. [Read More…]

Most Common Business Legal Issues For Las Vegas Entrepreneurs

A recent report released by the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund revealed that it is the small entrepreneurs and businesses that shoulder the cost of offshore tax havens used by large corporations like General Electric and Pfizer. This is just one of the difficult challenges faced by entrepreneurs because this cost amounts to an average of $5,128 a year in additional taxes that are put in place to make up for the loss of revenues from multinational tax avoidance. We at Pintar Albiston strive to develop.. [Read More…]

Tips For Business Owners Contemplating Divorce

If you are a business owner that had the foresight to visit an attorney prior to getting married or starting your business, you were likely able to take precautionary measures that would protect your business interests in the event of a divorce. Some of these measures include: a prenuptial agreement, which determines what part of the business, if any, will become marital property; incorporation of your business, which creates a separate legal entity that owns all company assets; and the establishment of a Domestic Asset Protection.. [Read More…]

The Difference Between A Coop And A Condo

There are distinct differences between condominiums, also known as condos and cooperatives, known as coops. These differences manifest themselves in 4 main areas: The way they are owned The way they are purchased The fees associated with an apartment or unit Limitations on their ownership What follows is an explanation of how coops and condos differ in each of the areas listed above. Ownership: Coops vs. Condos First of all, when you buy a coop apartment, you are only buying shares in a corporation which owns.. [Read More…]

Free Report: Why Should I Consult a Nevada Real Estate Lawyer?

As a buyer, a seller, a leasor or a leasee, entering into a real estate transaction is going to impose responsibilities and vest certain rights. Real estate transactions are some of the largest financial transactions that businesses and individual enter into. It is imperative that all parties understand their rights and obligations and ensure that the transaction is one that it is in their interests to take part in. Because there are many complicated contracts and there is extensive paperwork associated with a real estate transaction,.. [Read More…]